Paloalto and Tether jointly announced that they will work together to develop a healthy-development blockchain.

Paloalto is the distributed computing networks of next generation with powerful development techniques. The innovative cross-chain and decentralized oracle machine interconnects the islands of blockchain, and applies artificial intelligence to DAPPs in blockchain. 

Since Paloalto released the white paper, many senior experts participated in studying the blockchain field. Paloalto has complete data modules and protocols. Many professional players in the Bitcoin community are also involved in the technical research of Paloalto. Paloalto provides blockchain developers with a highly intelligent and scalable ecosystem.

The TEDA coin was released in October 2014. The market demand at that time was very clear: funds could flow quickly between different exchanges while benefiting from the stability of the dollar. It is in this situation that TEDA has emerged as the times require. Since March 2018, while other stable currencies have been released, TEDA has remained the dominant position in the market.

Tether CEO is pleased to announce this partnership with Paloalto. This collaboration reaffirms our commitment to promoting innovation in the virtual currency sector while embracing the ever-changing needs of the digital asset community.

Paloalto’s cooperation with TEDA in its own blockchain will significantly enhance Paloalto’s future decentralized application ecosystem, resulting in higher overall value storage and greater decentralized exchange liquidity, and providing enterprise-level Partners and institutional investors with a more convenient blockchain entry.

The cooperation between Tether and Paloalto symbolizes an important stage in the development of both projects and will further enhance the potential of decentralized finance.

Introduction to TEDA:   

Founded in October 2014, TEDA is the first stable currency in existence; until March 2018, TEDA has been the only stable currency in the market. TEDA has subverted the traditional financial system by providing a more modern wealth model. TEDA introduces fiat money into the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, adds the advantages of digital currency and real-time global transactions into traditional currencies, and adds the advantages of traditional currencies, such as currency stability, into digital currencies. It has made a significant contribution to build a more connected ecosystem. 

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