CRT Singapore and South Korea blockchain laboratory jointly released the first pan-entertainment ecological DAPP

Digital cultural products are becoming an increasingly important economic and cultural symbol of soft power. Developed countries such as Europe and America regard the development of digital content industry as an important strategy to further enhance their discourse power in global cultural exchanges. The digital content industry in Singapore and southeast Asian countries has also achieved rapid development for more than a decade.

As of January 2019, there were 1.691 billion users of online games and entertainment in Asia, 2.004 billion users of video social network and 501 million users of online digital financial investment. Microsoft, Google and samsung, tencent, ali enterprise constant content of global ecological layout, has accumulated rich experience in business and capital strength, has developed into a global enterprise, digital content has become the world’s largest digital content production, distribution and consumption market, one of the digital content industry has gradually become promote cultural industry revitalization and the important pillar of cultural power.

In addition, in recent years, the layout of asia-pacific enterprises in the global digital cultural industry has been further accelerated, and extensive international cooperation has been carried out in the whole industrial chain, including content production, production and distribution, copyright cooperation, etc., laying a good foundation for enhancing the international competitiveness of the cultural industry.

Following the south Korean blockchain discussion conference, CRT recently held a community blockchain technology seminar in Singapore. As a well-known trading platform, digital asset management commission, encryption CRT foundation is dedicated to the global money market investors provide optimal investment service platform, it is based on block chain technology and artificial intelligence, can manage assets for investors and looking for high quality encryption digital currency, thus improve the efficiency, save investors trade time and handling. This seminar focused on basic knowledge of blockchain, application of blockchain technology, business application of blockchain, technical advantages and prospects of CRT and other topics for discussion and analysis. Members of the Singapore community, elites in the blockchain industry, and several experts in the industry, combined with the CRT ecology, analyzed the latest technology trends in the blockchain industry and deeply discussed the opportunities and future of the industry.

CRT entertainment ecological platform, by South Korea block chain Financial laboratory (Manulife Financial), Singapore Alpha Fintech block chain to set up a joint investment fund CRT, currency huibao DAPP, more than a dozen global Financial institutions and high-tech enterprise jointly launched a digital asset service platform, mainly for small and medium enterprises and individuals to provide digital asset trading circulation service. Our business covers more than 30 countries and regions around the world. We adopt the latest block chain application technology and quantum encryption technology for technical research and development. So far, thousands of trading contacts have been completed on CRT digital asset trading platform.

The CRT team is strong with rich experience in traditional finance and cryptocurrency, as well as senior project directors and project operators from the field of blockchain. According to the white paper of CRT, it plans to use blockchain as the underlying technical support, use the corresponding algorithm to enhance the security coefficient, and will help users make cryptocurrency investment, financial management and asset management through the additional computing power mechanism of the whole network nodes, so as to achieve more efficient allocation of social resources. In the future, CRT will become an entry level product in the field of cryptocurrency investment, and it will have an open and transparent decision-making and supervision mechanism for the ecological construction and equity distribution on the platform based on the consensus of users of CRT ecosystem position nodes. Through the mechanism of community autonomy, excellent community nodes are constantly selected to provide better digital currency investment services for community users.

The successful holding of this conference enables more community members to know and understand the application and development prospect of blockchain technology in the CRT ecosystem, and at the same time, it vigorously promotes the influence of CRT in the world and makes a crucial and solid step for the global layout of CRT.

CRT pan entertainment ecological platform early with risk investment institutions continue to focus on, professional technical team, design team and marketing team to participate in, in June 2019, China officially set up in domestic contact server, set up project operation community, increase the entity industry chain + blocks, mining block chain financial products, property insurance, social games, fund investment, block chain applications, games, such as traditional industries in the field of business opportunities and influence.

CRT will launch block chain node subscription section, digital guess section, exchange OTC section, game entertainment section, fund management, international de-centralized online mall section, later will launch more pan-entertainment ecology and other content.

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