Unleashed Visions Announces Unique One-Of-A-Kind Art Creation Using Veterinary Authenticated Pet Ash

Unleashed Visions Announces Unique One-Of-A-Kind Art Creation Using Veterinary Authenticated Pet Ash

New Port Richey, FL – Losing a pet can be tragic and painful. Sometimes, it can feel like a tiny part of a person is gone forever, never to be seen again. However, there is a new project that seeks to immortalize a pet in the form of art.

Unleashed Visions in collaboration with historicsightsart.com is proud to announce their unique one-of-a-kind art creation. The project tagged “Pet Memorial Art” seeks to help create an abstract image from the extracted chemical composition of “Veterinary Authenticated Ash”.

Pet ash is collected and sent to the lab. Molecules are extracted from the ash, purified, vaporized to produce crystals, and the unique crystal image produces beautiful abstract art that is transferred into a canvas.

The art is not created by digital computer image manipulation, but by the combination of science and human imagination by studying the unique pattern of the crystal generated from the ash of the pet.

To place an order, please visit https://petmemoryart.com/.

Unleashed Visions is creating this innovative approach to art to help pet owners deal with the emotional challenges of losing a friend. So far, samples of the results of their unique art have been satisfying. They have been able to create abstract images that are powerful, highly imaginative, and visually satisfying.

Every living thing on earth has its own unique formation of which is deeply rooted. Artists at Unleashed Visions make use of scientific methods and merge it with creative artistic abilities to produce a powerful work of art.

This is NOT “digital fractal art” created via computer manipulation or imaging software, rather the result of a process of evaporation and crystallization uniquely influenced by the chemical composition of the various materials from which the imaging crystal is made.

Pet Memorial Art is affordable, highly valuable, and delivers a unique artwork that stands out on any wall and makes a good interior decoration. Clients ordering now will enjoy up to 50% discount.

For more information, please contact 4132625940, Ludwig.eckl@gmail.com, or visit https://petmemoryart.com/.

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