Guide And Strategy Need To Know In Path Of Exile: Legion

Guide And Strategy Need To Know In Path Of Exile: Legion

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Path of Exile: Legion is the June expansion of POE which includes challenge league, new items, new gems, a game-wide overhaul of melee combat and more players expect. You will fight with five legions when exploring. To free and defeat them from Timeless conflict for thousands of years, you must win. Here may be guides and strategies that help you better and faster shared by MMOAH.

It has been over than one week since GGG announced Path of Exile: Legion, and only less than ten days left until the new version comes online. When exploring Wraeclast in the Legion league, you will stick into endless war and fight with enemies from five Legions Maraketh, Karui, Templars, Vaal and Eternal Empire. Trapped for thousands of years in the Domain of Timeless Conflict, the mightiest leaders of Wraeclast’s history have been fighting an eternal war. In order to free their legions and defeat them successfully, here may be guides and strategies that help you better and faster shared by MMOAH, whether you’re a new or experienced player.

1. Timeless Monoliths

At the beginning of the Legion league, the most important tasks you should finish are gaining EXP or leveling-up. When exploring, you are supposed to discover Timeless Monoliths along with a frozen battle once activated.

You can break open the monsters and chests by dealing damage to them, don’t forget to fight with them when the effect of the Monolith wears off before the time runs out. The stronger monsters you kill, the more valuable reward you can gain, which are also more dangerous in turn.

2. Melee Skills

Secondly, you must master the Melee Skills in the update 3.7 league, which are the key to victory. New movement skills have been added to majority of classes, you can attack multiple adjacent enemies by melee without the restriction of attacking animations, mainly embodied in new melee skill named Bladestorm along with two reservation skills.

You can start in Blood Stance and be allowed random switching the two stances between Blood and Sand by using aura abilities at will on the premise of reserving not less than 10% of your mana.

The effects should be mentioned are more damage area but less area of effect when dealing with Blood melee skill, on the contrary, more effects areas with dealing less damage in Sand Stance. Be careful with your switching speed, because the monsters always appear beside you suddenly when working.

3. Incubators

Known incubator types released currently including Blacksmith’s Incubator (killing 2000 monsters), Diviner’s Incubator (killing 500 monsters), Harbinger’s Incubator (killing 5000 monsters) and Ornate Incubator (killing 1000 monsters). When killing the required number of enemies, you could get the rewards dropping from the Incubators, more added that they can only be used to guarantee specific drops.

In order to defeat the five legions, you must choose correct Incubators to help you track the number of enemies you killed, and give specific feedback on a piece of equipment. Remind again, Incubators kills are shared in parties.

4. New Divination Cards

We have received the info that 14 new Divination Cards are added in Path of Exile: Legion, up to now only 9 cards are open for the public, they are Burning Blood, Echoes of Love, Imperial Legacy, the Archmage’s Right hand, the Fool, Vanity, Dark Dreams, Alluring Bounty and Buried Treasure.

Try your best to collect the new divination cards, although we haven’t known the detail about the characters, there is no doubt that you will get huge rewards or become rich by this.

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