The \”Mr. Web Capitalist\” launches an Incoming Reports guide to help its user earn more

New York – Jun 4th, 2019 – We live in a revolutionary era in terms of how we earn our living, and having a strategic plan adapting to this situation is fundamental. While it is true that marketing has always been important, nowadays, experts in this area must continuously be renewing themselves, to give vent to everything the market offers and consumers demand. That is why the online portal Mr. Web Capitalist has launched the incoming report.

A rising leader

The determination of Martin Sulcs has led him to become a notable figure in the world of marketing. His blog “Mr. Web Capitalist “is a header reading of all those who seek to know where the industry is evolving and how to make money passively (not to be confused with inactive) in that course. All of that without fear of falling into controversy, as he says: “I do not care how to make money online, as long as it is not illegal.”

It should be noted that, in addition to engaging in the creation of valuable content (as explained by The Huffington Post) for its increasingly large community, Sulcs works in the field of affiliate marketing and info products. Therefore, his vision is not only academic but also means practical business. Next, we invite you to read this interview held exclusively by our portal, so you can learn more about Sulcs before getting to know his online-money-earning proposal in depth:

Q1: How would you describe your success formula?

A1: I just apply the principles of marketing that suits me best. After all, this practice is about creating a “brand,” getting people to connect their interests and needs with a figure and their offer for real (emotionally and, if possible, with a solid base of trust.)

Nowadays, a lot of companies out there fear to show “who they are.” They believe in their products, but not in themselves – projecting the perfect and non-relatable corporative image, while reducing themselves into plain portfolios.

When I talk about my experiences to earn money, I gain the interest of readers with truth. It is about humbly presenting myself, but also about creating a connection. In that sense, I am my own brand, and I promote myself. What for some supposes a disadvantage, to me it a constant chance to learn, grow, and to profit.

This type of marketing uncovers me publicly and shows my effort at the same time, which mirrors the desire of those who agree with me. In this way, I get close to people, and they know me, and not a day goes by without showing the world the achievements I made – such as the launch of info products; which in turn indicate that there is space in the market for us.

Q2: What do you consider to be the main mistake startups make?

A2: Outside Silicon Valley and the US, the theories about communication plans and strategies are limited to a few obsolete techniques, merely publicity, and some outdated or poorly adapted to current needs.

Such a “market to the highest bidder” proves that CEOs and marketers seem not to realize that the image that is being projected through inexperience and also based on the desperation to sell produces the opposite effect.

Also, a company showing its products over and over again, looking for a buyer, is a dead end today, in terms of a marketing strategy. Even so, they continue doing it repeatedly, and this is the main mistake of developing countries from marketing because they don’t adapt to the new concepts of communication (as big names like Apple do).

Fortunately, I believe that most of the minds in free market economies are realizing the fact that people must get an income source and understand how to move in the business environment, for this reason, the entrepreneurial spirit is being promoted more actively than ever.

Q3: Do you think that the advertising practice as we know it has come to an end?

A3: Not really. The truth is that nobody has to know a specific material is an ad. Users must receive relevant information, which is useful for them and which doesn’t bore them or bother them during their web navigation.

Of course, it might not be easy at first, because the information must have multiple determinants, precise design, and little strident, messages in the form of insights that make all information involved worthwhile. I speak of posting at the right time, services, and products that are part of useful information, and how that information influences the improvement of the positioning of the company’s website. And the list goes on.

Q4: To conclude, what do you recommend to all those interested in making money online after reading this interview?

A4: Make an effort, both to give the right image, always consistent with reality, or seek to improve existing.

Many of the brands or influencers today only carry out advertising on social networks, and this is a clear example of how well these tools can work if they are used effectively, but never forget the potential that has the use of multiple channels, such as web positioning, the press, etc.

About Mr. Web Capitalist

Citing the information that appears on their website:

“Only in 2016, I found my first in the middle of a real considerable income source. Since then, I’ve found several methods on how to make money online, and right here in my blog, I’m going to tell you all about my success.

“Needless to say that my purpose is to educate & entertain (with my real life stories) other people who are in the same pursuit as me: to make money online.” – Martin Sulcs.

From this medium, we would like to thank Martin Sulcs for his interesting perspective about a fundamental issue in the development of the digital society.

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