“Twisted Texas Hold’em” – Turning a Classic Game Into Something New and Exciting

Texas Family Invents Entertaining Game To Make Every Game Night A Memorable One

Helotes, TX – Mar 02, 2015 – Wil Andrews and his family have been playing Texas Hold’em every Sunday for years. Although this is a classic game everyone loves, it can get boring and predictable when playing with the same players week after week. This is why the Andrews family came up with a new and exciting game, “Twisted Texas Hold’em.” They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to manufacture and distributed the game so other families can enjoy it for their game nights. The goal is to reach $9,000 by March 21st, 2015.

This is not an ordinary game and is the first of its kind to bring a fresh twist that everyone will enjoy. “Twisted Texas Hold’em” comes with two decks. There is the normal deck of cards, which each player uses. Then, there is the twisted deck to make the game more entertaining. Individuals can play with their friends or families whenever they want.  It is the perfect for parties and weekly game nights. People can now compete to see who is the best “Twisted Texas Hold’em” player!

The twisted deck gets passed around. Whoever has the desk is the dealer for that round. There are two types of cards, the “Keep card” and the “Twisted card.” Dealers can choose to keep the “Keep card” for another round, which this is not shown to players. The “Twisted card” is shown to the table and effects the table in the round it was pulled. Players decide the buy-ins and determine the big and small blinds. The unique second deck will eliminate the predictable aspect of the Texas Hold’em when playing with the same folks over and over again, while keeping it an entertaining game for any occasion. 

Funds from the campaign will raise money to manufacture the decks and package it to be sold in the market. Those who want to receive a set of the game can make a contribution at the Kickstarter campaign or by clicking here.

Help bring “Twisted Texas Hold’em” to make every game night one to remember!

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