Luz Flashlight is a Multi-purpose LED Light that Offers Premium Performance in Unsafe or Emergency Situations

If you are like millions of other consumers, you have probably encountered a situation where an all-purpose light would have provided additional environmental awareness or allowed others to more easily identify your position.  Whether you are merely a homeowner searching a darkened area or a motorist with a flat, the Luz Flashlight is the ideal lighting tool to make your activities easier and safer.  The is more than merely a compact, high power LED light; it has a multitude of functions like strobing, extendable tripod, and hanging fixture which enable it to function as a lamp, spotlight, or warning beacon.

Designed by father and son, Ka-Fai Fred Chu, the Luz Flashlight offers sturdy, aluminum construction that houses two CREE Xpe Q5 LED emitters.  These powerful light sources may be set with a simple touch of a button to High Bright (which can supply up to ten hours of lighting), Half Bright (which can supply up to 16 hours of lighting), or Strobe (which can supply up to ten hours of lighting).  The emitters are powered by two rechargeable 3.6V Li-Ion batteries which may be recharged via a standard mobile charger with a micro USB plug, a USB cable, or any power bank. 

The real appeal of the Luz Flashlight  lies in its all-purpose design.  In just seconds, this product can be converted into a standing light source on a rigid tripod (Luzpod), a hanging lamp with an integrated hook and drop line (Luzhook), or a LED strobe light that clips to a backpack or bike. 

With a patent pending, the Luz Flashlight will soon be a must-have for homeowners, motorists, outdoorsmen or cyclists.  However, the Luz Flashlight can only become available if it is properly funded.  To raise the needed $10,000, Ka-Fai Fred Chu has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on FundRazr.  In return for supporting this important project, you can receive perks like the Luz Flashlight, Luzpod, Luzhook, or entire Luz Flashlight package.

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