KUBOO’s Virtual Puppies Teach Kids On Responsible Pet Ownership

The Arizona Humane Society and KUBOO.com have found a fun way to teach kids about the responsibility of pet ownership. Their game “Rescue Adoption” let’s kids play an online pet care game where kids adopt a dog and learn how to take care of pets.

Every kid wants a puppy. “I’ll take care of him, I promise.” I’ll walk her every day after school.” “I’ll feed him in the morning before I catch my bus.”  How many times are those promises made? While kids love their pets, how often does it end up being Mom or Dad who has the responsibility to make sure that the new addition to the family is fed, bathed, and properly cared for? Kids mean well, but before long, they’re so engrossed in their video games that they don’t have time to take care of their pets.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Instead of complaining because kids spend so much time playing video games, why not use that pastime as a way to find out if your child is really ready to have a pet?

That’s the thinking behind the partnership of Arizona Humane Society and KUBOO.com. By working together the two give kids a patent-pending, virtual 3D online pet rescue adoption game where children can adopt a dog and learn how to be a caring and responsible pet owner.

Humane societies are well aware that kids don’t always deliver on those heartfelt promises to take care of the pets they begged their parents to get. KUBOO.com provided an answer: a way to introduce kids to the actual responsibilities of pet ownership. Together the Arizona Humane Society and Kuboo.com decided that the best way for kids to measure what pet ownership means is to demonstrate it through a medium that kids actually pay attention to: gaming.

The game Kuboo Rescue Adoption is based on the principles of the Arizona Humane Society, which focuses on empathy, compassion, and a respect for animals as living beings, not toys, who deserve attention and need care. Children will choose their own virtual rescue pet, just as they’d choose an animal in a shelter or pet store. They are responsible for taking care of their pet; that means feeding it, bathing it, brushing it—all the basic tasks that are key for keeping a pet happy and healthy. Kids even get the benefit of video tips from the AHS veterinarians and staff.

The site is free and signing up is easy. Parents have complete control over whom their children meet on the site, so that it’s entirely safe for young users. Just visit KUBOO.com to sign the forms and download the game. As you ask your children how their virtual pet is faring, you’ll be determining whether or not your child is ready for a puppy for the upcoming birthday present.

You can visit the Kuboo demonstration video to try out the game before your kids try out a puppy! 

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYkb8yygI4s

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