Aspire Institute Launched Child Brain Development and Vocational Training Programs in Minneapolis

Minneapolis certainly doesn’t lack in tech talents as compared to other US cities and states. However, many talents from immigrant communities go unnoticed because of proper training and lack of tech education. Aspire Institute finds an answer.

Aspire Institute, a Minneapolis institute set up by a Somali entrepreneur, recently launched a series of training programs for kids, youth and adults. The programs are designed to facilitate kids in learning ABCs of various disciplines of IT and IT-related technologies such as basics of robotics, coding basics, graphic design and photography basics. The mentors have claimed that the programs are aimed at overall brain development of kids so that they gain some technical competency and knowledge before they start their college-level education. The afterschool institute now offers three different programs for different age groups, KidTech (for kids under 13yrs), Junior-Geek (age group 14-24) and Professional IT Training program to develop a qualified local IT workforce, which are all developed keeping in mind the learning capabilities of each group. Additionally, the program fees have also been kept within the region of affordability of underprivileged families.

A mentor who has been associated with Aspire Institute since its formative years recently explained the need for technological education for kids in the state of Minnesota. According to him, Minnesota is lagging behind many other US states in terms of supplying talented technocrats just because none of the schools in the region have taken a proper initiative as on date for the young talents who are outstandingly meritorious in some cases, but do not have access to high-level technological education. Though there are some elite educational institutes offering tech training programs, these courses are beyond the affordability of low-income group people in Minneapolis and Minnesota.

Aspire Institute is the brainchild of Abdirahman Ahmed, a Somali-American entrepreneur who has been advocating for the all-round brain development and complete intellectual empowerment of kids. Mr. Ahmed, an eminent educator himself, recently addressed the attendees of a seminar on future of technological education in Minnesota and America. Talking about his institute in the context, he said, “I believe Minneapolis has no shortage of talents. I have full faith in the state’s education system. However, at the same time, I believe that the kids who have started going to school today can become an asset of the entire country in the future, provided they are given the proper tech training. Well-rounded education for kids is what we need at this moment.” He also added that his institute is homing in on the goal of training annually 100 adults so that they can find employment in the IT sector in the future. “Our latest class has started from March 1st, 2015. It’s a 4-months practically oriented course on Microsoft SQL Server and designed for those who want to become Database Developers, Analysts or Administrators in the future,” he added.

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Aspire Institute is a Minneapolis based technical training institute that puts special emphasis on well-rounded training and development of kids.

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