Girl Chat Sports – First Ever Online Sports Community for Women

Enhance Female Sports Fan Experience to the Next Level of Entertainment!

Las Vegas, NV – March 3, 2015 – What started as an online sports blog has been transformed into the first online sports community run by women, for women.

Girl Chat Sports is one central online hub where fans can go to connect, stay updated, and take their sports experience to the next level. However, they need help finishing back end development for the site. However, they need help finishing back end development for the site. Creators have turned to crowdfunding on Kickstarter to raise $25,000 by March 25th, 2015 to give them the funding needed in order to make this site a reality.

This new interactive sports website will appeal to sports loving females all around the world. It will be the one place where fans can go to share experiences, while learning and growing in their knowledge about sports. It is fun and user-friendly to make it enjoyable for everyone. Members on the site will have personalized profile pages and the chance to join a variety of fan groups. Individuals can also get an exclusive one-on-one experience with celebrity athletes. The co-founders, Jamie Collyer and Melissa Ferris, recently interviewed Major League Baseball Pitcher Dave Riske, which can be viewed on their YouTube Channel or Kickstarter campaign.


“ is run by women, for women. It is fun for everybody,” said co-host Melissa Ferris. “We want to make sure you can connect with other women and other fans. This is going to be a whole new way for you to enjoy sports and share your experiences. Think of it as ESPN meets Cosmo meets Facebook with a little bit in between.”

The Girl Chat Sports website will give users the option to upload and share pictures, give a virtual “High Five” to what they like, give and receive updates on sports and much more. Members will also get exclusive perks such as invites to sold out sports events. Women can also use the site to gain knowledge and statistics on sports they love to always feel confident they are up-to-date with events.

The site will be ready to launch once the back end development is finished. Money raised from the campaign will go towards paying to complete the website to give members a personalized experience that will satisfy their sports cravings.

To make a contribution, please visit their Kickstarter campaign by clicking here. Backers can choose between many attractive rewards as a thank you for the support on the journey to make this a reality.

This is an “all-or-nothing” deal, so if they do not reach the goal then it can be years before Girl Chat Sports project can move forward. Those who are passionate about sports and want to see the first ever online sports community for women made available to everyone, please share this on Facebook and Twitter. The more awareness to the campaign the faster they can reach the campaign goal! 

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