2019 MGC TOKEN 7 days and 6 nights Thailand tour has been ended successfully!

2019MGC TOKEN 7 days and 6 nights Thailand tour has been ended successfully! This trip is very fruitful and it lays the foundation for accelerating the Southeast Asian market and bringing MGC TOKEN to the next level.

During the Thailand tour, the global members of MGC TOKEN were warmly received as soon as they arrived at Bangkok Airport. The garland sent by Miss etiquette in Thailand also represented their welcome to MGC TOKEN global members. During the 7 days and 6 nights trip to Thailand, MGC TOKEN’s global users have experienced the local customs and unique tropical atmosphere of Southeast Asia. At the same time, they also temporarily put aside the intense work, relaxed and rest in the blue sea and sky, enjoyed the midnight show, and tasted various Thai cuisine. They ran passionately on the beach and took a lazy walk in the paradise. The journey was full of laughter and joy.


On June 28th, MGC TOKEN Asia Pacific Regional Conference and Star Concert was successfully held in Bangkok, Thailand. The concert was jointly organized by MGC TOKEN and BG-MF Investment Co., Ltd., and invited more than 2,000 members, global media and BG-MF leading figures from all over the world.

The MGC TOKEN Asia Pacific Regional Conference and Star Concert was also highly supported by the Thai government and the media. Prince Sibo Bamo, the Prince of Thailand, also delivered a speech at the meeting, welcoming MGC TOKEN members from all over the world to Thailand.


At the meeting, MGC TOKEN core leaders, BG-MF core leaders, and MGC TOKEN global market representatives also delivered speeches and shared the application scenarios, development trends and market prospects of MGC TOKEN.

MGC TOKEN and FCOIN held a signing ceremony and formally reached strategic cooperation. The FCOIN Exchange ranks among the top 30 in the world and is one of the top exchanges in the world. After cooperation with MGC TOKEN, FCOIN will provide better development chances for MGC TOKEN.

On the evening of June 28th, the MGC TOKEN Asia Pacific Regional Feedback Conference and the Star Concert officially began. The concert was lively, and many stars were invited to participate in the performance, for example: 4X Women’s Team, Xiao Quan, Yang Pei’an, Zhong Xintong and Zhang Weijian etc. which pushed the atmosphere of the concert to a climax.

MGC TOKEN’s 7-day 6-night Thailand tour has aroused high response in the global digital asset market. It not only strengthens the confidence of MGC TOKEN global members, but also attracts the attention of many block chain enthusiasts. MGC TOKEN will continue to improve and expand the global market.

2019MGC TOKEN 7 days and 6 nights Thailand tour was a great success! But this trip to Thailand is not the end, but the beginning! In August 2019, MGC TOKEN will hold a thousand people conference in Bali, and we look forward to the Bali Conference! In August, let us meet in Bali!

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