Nuclius Ursa – Breakthrough Technology Revolutionizing the Pay-TV Industry

Bringing an Affordable, User-Friendly TV Experience Consumers Can Take Anywhere

Canton, Ohio – March 4, 2015 – Triniti Communications has announced they are ready to bring their groundbreaking portable Live HDTV technology, Nuclius Ursa, to consumer markets. This tiny device, which can fit in the palm of a user’s hand, will change the course of the Pay-TV industry. Consumers can now pre-order the revolutionary Nuclius Ursa device on their IndieGoGo campaign, which has a funding goal of $700,000 that must be reached by March 29, 2015.

Three out of the Top five “Most Hated Companies” in the United States are cable/satellite companies. This proves that consumers are fed up with ridiculously high-cost, inferior technology, unreasonable limitations and restrictions on content. The current state of Pay-TV assures that consumers will never have the best possible entertainment experience! This prompted Triniti Communications to develop a solution to this growing problem. They have been developing the Nuclius for over three years. Now the product is finished and ready to bring the world a new technology that will transform everyone’s HDTV experience for the better. 

Imagine the clarity of Satellite and the dependability of cable, all in one device that can work just about everywhere. It is so small it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, purse, pocket, etc. The 9 volt battery-sized Nuclius Ursa can be connected to any HDTV, smartphone, or tablet in the world and operates wirelessly. It is equipped to bring Live HDTV, up to 10 GB of DVR storage, Instant Messaging, Movie Gifting and much more just by connecting to a wireless or wired high-speed Internet. Consumers do not need to install apps to run. Simply connect it and enjoy over 460 domestic and international channels at an affordable price.


Triniti Communications, is an FCC registered LEC and Cable/IPTV provider in all fifty states. Supporters who are ready to say good-bye to expensive cable and satellite bills can pre-order the device today and get the Celestial Premium Package free for three months, which is a $195 value. Backers can also choose from a number of attractive perks as a thank you for the support.

Funds from the campaign will help Triniti Communications release Nuclius into the marketplace all across the nation. To make a contribution, please visit their IndieGoGo campaign by clicking here

Spread the word about this amazing new technology that has all the cable and satellite companies worried! Please share this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. This is an “all-or-nothing” deal, which means if they do not reach the goal then it can be quite a while before Nuclius can become available to consumers, providing the freedom and savings they deserve. Join the new movement today by making a donation to bring a cheaper and simpler way for people to get their Live Pay-TV-grade entertainment!

Interested in watching a demo? Join Triniti Communication on March 7th at 10 am at the Hilton Downtown in Austin, Texas to see a live Demo.


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