New Website “My Sports Addictions” Will Redefine the Way the Sports Fans Interact with Their Favorite Teams and Players

Sports are a multi-billion dollar industry that has been a part of modern culture since its inception, but this important industry has failed to adopt and adapt to the many new technological innovations of recent years.  Most websites that are dedicated to a favorite sport, team or player fail to integrate many of the most important ways that fans now access sports media like social media, RSS or up-to-the-minute mobile updates.  A new sports website “My Sports Addictions” managed by veteran technology expert Casey Gallagher will enable all fans to learn the latest about their favorites, provide their personal feelings and join the conversation with a community of likeminded fans.

In addition to the powerful communications tools, “My Sports Addictions” will also provide impressive videos, graphics and statistical tools to experience and dissect the most important events. Fans can view the latest highlight, hear important commentary from the leading talking heads, and learn how a team is poised to win it all. “My Sports Addictions” will become the go-to site for fans across the sporting spectrum, whether they are followers of the Big Four leagues in the U.S. or interested in the latest local sporting event.

“My Sports Addictions” is an ambitious project, but with Casey Gallagher at the helm, there is little doubt that the project outcome will be spectacular.  As a longtime tech specialist, Casey has the requisite knowledge and industry relationships to ensure success, but he requires financial seed money to launch the project.  To raise the $50,000 needed to launch “My Sports Addictions”, Casey has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  In return for supporting this important campaign, backers will receive perks like three month, one year, or lifetime memberships to “My Sports Addictions”. 

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