Law of Attraction expert launches artistic and inspiring clothing that encourages humanity to dream bold in the direction of one\’s potential

Ms. K is the founder and manifesting director of Dream Bold Network that is dedicated to helping and inspiring humanity through artistic expression, innovative teaching modalities, ancient healing techniques, valuable resources, and sheer entertainment. The network also enables self-expression with the help of its unique clothing that features thought-provoking quotes and graphic design. Its main goal is to raise self-awareness among the people and allow them to be one with the higher vibrations for living a happier and more meaningful life.

Ms. K is the law of attraction expert, Master Reiki healer, author of the book ‘The Rule Breaker’ and NLP practitioner with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. She is highly passionate about helping humanity to unleash their full potential and shift into a higher vibration. With increasing chaos, fear, and hate in modern times, the world needs love, compassion, faith, and self-awareness more than ever. Dream Bold Network believes it’s time to find common ground and look at how we are all connected through a higher power in the universe. It aims to bring a humanity revolution that leads to a more harmonious world.

Dream Bold Network teaches people how they can apply simple laws of the universe to discover heightened levels of happiness and awareness.  Their mission is to heal people holistically, and evolve their thinking to create a peaceful reality. People who are on their path of spiritual awakening and heightened perspectives can gain useful insights from the Dream Bold Network’s website.

One of the interesting sections to look out for is the Clothing section for men, women, and kids that features T-shirts with unique and inspiring quotes and graphics. It also features sweatshirts, tanktops, bags, fine art prints, mugs, canvases, stickers, skateboards, duvets and more that enable artistic expression and meaningful messages.

More information about Dream Bold Network can be found on their official website.

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