Aim: After Facebook, Aim Is Another Blockbuster In The Block Chain Field

Recently, with a market capitalization of more than $500 billion, Facebook issued a white paper about an encrypted currency called Libra officially as one of global richest companies. The admission of Facebook has brought the spree to the currency circle. After Facebook, another global artificial intelligence medical company called AIM enters the block chain field so as to bring a revolution of innovation and development to the medical field.

With the block chain technology, AIM realizes the patient-oriented integrated medical information management system which can not be realized by the medical information system. It meets all the requirements of the medical information system such as reliability, transparency and security, as well as the safe exchange of the reliable medical information. It issues the encrypted currency of “AIM Token” and forms a patient-oriented medical information economy ecosystem through the currency circulation.

The AIM team is sponsored by the AIM Foundation, a foundation from the United States, and constructed by the top block chain technology teams from some countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. It also recruits the founder and leader of the early blockchain community as well as the core technical members of EOS. Its technology covers block chain, cryptography, R&D of TB-level memory database, R&D of the application server with high availability, safe protection, distributed operation and maintenance, iOS and Android R&D.

In addition, the AIM team has been involved in the Western Internet for many years. In the medical field, it has integrated the cooperation resources of the Block Chain Star Project of the United States, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

I. AIM is endowed with three core advantages which can be applied directly on the basis of the application of the block chain technology to the medical field.

1. Super Safety and Untampered Information Storage

The medical data are put into a safe database based on block chain, so that patients and doctors can get rid of the fear about hacker attacks, and share and exchange the medical data freely. In addition, the signature of all medical expenditure and process data can be encrypted in the process of diagnosis and treatment, so block chain is expected to reduce the probability of fraud and error greatly so as to make data more transparent.

2. Decentralized Transactions

Based on an infrastructure called the Distributed ledger Technology (DLT)  of block chain, AIM can realize the distributed synchronization of the medical data to multiple subjects as well as the decentralized transaction so as to simplify the cost structure, reduce the transaction time and eliminate the unnecessary intermediaries and management costs.

3. Embedded Game Play

It is aimed to encourage patients or other stakeholders in the ecosystem to do good to the system by “paying” them through “AIM Token”. In a narrow sense, the beneficial action includes guaranteeing the safety of the system and assisting in the handling of transactions. These nodes will be rewarded with block awards (consensus agreement awards) for their contribution to the system.

In the broad sense, the beneficial action includes the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle (Such as the better eating habit, exercise and the reduction of bad habits) and the sharing of the medical data with medical communities and pharmaceutical companies.

II. Bright Application Scene of the Block Chain Technology in the Medical Field

There is a high-matching relationship between the block chain technology and the medical field. In the process of solving the safety of the medical industry, it can reduce the cost of medical insurance, payment transaction, anti-counterfeiting, traceability and other links greatly. It can be applied well in many medical fields, such as the personal health record, the automatic insurance claim, the medical information transaction, the artificial intelligence dialogue robot, the clinical research, the 5G intelligent medicine, telemedicine and the social network service. As a result, the deep development and selective application of “block chain + medical treatment” can be a win-win choice for both medical consumers and medical providers.

Facebook has changed the financial system. AIM will change the medical system. Medical consumers can master their own health data and become their own health owners. Medical providers can obtain the required medical information resource and improve the medical quality fully.

Only with health, can the life become hopeful. Health can enrich life. Only with AIM, can health be full of wisdom. The birth of AIM can guarantee the human health.

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