Qubix 2 is making unpacking a thing of the past, hitting their Kickstarter goal in less than 35 minutes

Qubix 2 is making unpacking a thing of the past, hitting their Kickstarter goal in less than 35 minutes

Super Strong Double Compression Packing Cubes That Hang

Founded by a small group of travelers, Qubix 2 was conceptualized out of the need for a lightweight, durable, and more organized way to travel efficiently with clothes, shoes and other accessories.

Having the ability to travel, to explore new places, culture and food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But traveling isn’t all fun and games. It takes careful budgeting, planning, and packing in a neat, space efficient manner to ensure your trip is both enjoyable and stress-free.

With excitement brimming around the launch of this new product, Qubix 2 hit its goal in funding on Kickstarter within 35 minutes and has raeised over $100,000 within its first 24-hours on the platform.

From Conception to Design and Rollout

One of the biggest issues the team at litetravel.co experienced through their own adventures is the struggle to find an optimal balance between portability, durability, and the ability to better manage messy luggage that is a pain to pack, unpack and manage when on the go.

The answer was Qubix 1 – a 2018 successfully launched Kickstarter project that combined strong double-compression packing cubes with a lightweight yet durable build that made traveling with clothing and other accessories a breeze.

Building upon the success of Quibix 1, the team at LiteTravel.co knew there was even more room for improvement in their design. With the Qubix 2, packing in a neat, space efficient way is not easier than ever before.

Qubix 2 – a literal game changer for travelers

No matter if you’re a globetrotter, or simply enjoy the occasional city break, space is a luxury when on the go. This makes having the ability to pack in a neat, organized and space efficient way a priority.

However, most modern-day traveling bags, suitcases and other accessories often fall short of hitting the mark, leaving already stressed and weary travelers frustrated. Qubix 2 aims to change it all for the better, making traditional packing and unpacking a thing of the past.

These incredibly durable, double-compression packing cubes can be hung virtually anywhere, featuring lightweight, water-resistant fabric that can stand up to pretty much anything its users throw at it.

Qubix 2 uses an innovative cube design that allows for folded or rolled clothing to be optimally packed and then compressed, resulting in a saving of up to 66% of luggage space. The compressed cube is flat, thin and easy to accommodate no matter the mode of travel.

Key Features of Qubix 2 Include:

  • Innovative hook and hang design makes it easy to unpack clothes
  • Double compression zipper for up to 66% more luggage space
  • Incredibly strong ripstop parachute fabric
  • Multifunctional metal G-Hook
  • Easy to carry handles
  • Resilient double-stitching
  • High-quality YKK zippers
  • Water resistant material
  • Available in large or medium cube sizes
  • Toiletry Cube to fit all of the essentials made with waterproof material
  • Detachable toiletry cube pouch for extra flexibility
  • Foldable laundry bag
  • Integrated shoe bag to keep clothes clean and odor free
  • Electronics cube eliminates tangled cables
  • Folding board helps pack and stack easily and neatly

Kickstarter Launch Date

Those interested in supporting the Qubix 2 Kickstarter campaign can head over to the official Kickstarter campaign to learn more about early adopters and exclusive Kickstarter offers. The campaign launched on July 9th and will be live for approximately 30 days. Opportunities to become an early backer of the project are very limited.

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