LvYue Group Ushers in Its Third Anniversary and Receives Blessings from Ctrip CEO Jane Sun

2019 is the third year of the establishment of LvYue Group. In the fiery July, LvYue and its boutique resort hotel brand (Floral), ushered in their third anniversary. Numerous big shots from tourism, Internet and investment industries have sent their blessings. As a strategic investor of LvYue, Ctrip also extended sincere wishes. Jane Sun, the CEO of Ctrip, recorded the video of blessing for LvYue’s third anniversary despite her busy schedule.

Jane Sun said that LvYue Group, the young brand of the Ctrip family founded in 2016 as a direct investment project, is also a leading force in Ctrip’s globalisation strategy. Ctrip has always been paying attention to the development of LvYue as its strong backing. In the video, Jane Sun expressed her keen concern for the development of LvYue and wished it a happy birthday.

LvYue Group was established with strategical investment by Ctrip and lead by the President of, Mr. Zhang Qiang as CEO.

As a direct investor, Ctrip has always been paying attention to and supporting the development of LvYue, deeply implanting the big data and Internet gene into the operation of LvYue. Therefore, in just three years, LvYue has grown into a data-driven leader of the tourism and accommodations industry.

As a “new species” in the traditional industry, LvYue is a tourism group integrating hotel management, information technology and purchasing trade. It aims to apply Internet innovation technology to the traditional tourism industry chain and realise the intelligent and technological development of the construction and operation of the traditional industry.


Floral Hotel is LvYue’s boutique resort hotels brand. As the first brand of the group with the largest number of stores, Floral Hotel has gone through three years witnessing and strongly supporting LvYue’s rapid development. Recently, a large wave of eye-catching advertisements for Floral Hotel appeared in the streets of Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou and other cities, as well as in the airports of Lijiang, Dali, Guiyang, Xiamen and other popular tourism hot spots.

The first hotel of LvYue was born in Lijiang City in July 2016. In May 2017, the first overseas property – Floral Hotel·Chiang Mai Riverside landed in Chiang Mai, Thailand. To this day, LvYue has signed and opened more than 1100 hotels worldwide, covering 200 destinations in more than 10 countries, including Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, New Zealand, Australia and so on. It has created several brands, namely, Floral Hotel – the boutique resort hotel brand, Vyluk Hotel – the brand for a new generation lifestyle, Sucha Hotel – targeting cost-conscious yet quality-aware travellers, and Floral Trip APP – the official hotels & activities reservations, as well loyalty program platform of LvYue Group.

Looking back on the three-year development, LvYue has been striding a rapid and solid pace. In the future, it will offer a more mature technology, professional level and firm confidence, to look around the world, innovate the traditional tourism and accommodation industry, and create a global tourism industry chain service provider driven by data.

As a key part of Ctrip’s globalisation plan, LvYue Group has also been striving to bring Chinese hotels into the world. It is expected that by the end of 2019, the network of LvYue Group will expand to 2600 hotels worldwide.

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