Vinaro Records Announces the Upcoming Release of New Album by Artist Agent 07

Agent 07 releases a new album with the promise of providing his listeners with great music. He’s an artist that continues to re-invent himself to deliver better songs for his fans

Los Angeles, California – Vinaro Records is proud to announce the upcoming album release by artist, Agent 07. The release is scheduled for July 12 on all platforms.

Very few artists have the capacity to create incredible music the way Agent 07 does. For some reasons, his creativity is a product of his experience while growing up hoping to be like one of his favorite music stars and mentors.

The new album which is called “VII Deadly Sins” promises to be a powerful addition to the music industry. The songs come with his usual style of exceptional rhythms and uncommon sound manipulation that gets the audience thinking. Lyrically, Agent 07 is also never to be dismissed. His words are touching and his voice resounds in the mind of the listeners.

Audience is free to listen to his previous tracks on all platforms (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) by looking up “Agent 07”.

Listen on SoundCloud.

As an artist, Agent 07’s desire is to deliver great music to his fans. Unlike many of today’s artists who just want to flow with the tide, he recognizes the importance of being different and the value of delivering music that touches the soul.

In the past, he has released songs like Nobody, which is a unique song with amazing rhythm. The hip-hop and rap song has attracted more than 46,000 plays on Soundcloud, which is an impressive feat for any artist.

With the new album, Agent 07 wants to further reach out to his fans and deliver to them the kind of music that has a positive effect on the spirit. He’s an artist that is dedicated to reinventing himself and adding value to his listeners through his musical productions.

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