Smith Jones Solicitors launch up-to-date Compensation Calculator

Smith Jones Solicitors launch up-to-date Compensation Calculator

As one of the UK’s fastest growing personal injury and accident litigation specialists, Smith Jones Solicitors have gained over 30 years of experience in the industry, helping claimants to get hold of the money to which they’re entitled after an accident.

In efforts to make the process of starting a claim less daunting as well as complicated, Smith Jones Solicitors have recently launched an up-to-date compensation calculator that aims to provide potential claimants with an initial idea of how much compensation their injury may entitle them to.

In order to create this accurate as well as useful tool, Smith Jones Solicitors have used the Compensation figures taken from ‘Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases’, Fourteenth Edition (2017) by Judicial College.

To use Smith Jones Solicitors’ intuitive claims calculator, online users can simply follow this link to where The Compensation Claims Calculator can be found – There’s no need to enter any personal details or create an account – the calculator is entirely free to use.

Once users have found themselves looking at The Compensation Claims Calculator, using the tool couldn’t be easy. Simply select the region of the body that received the injury from the drop-down menu; injury options range from the shoulder to the neck and back with an option also available for generalized chronic pain caused by an incident.

After selecting where the injury is located, the calculator will then request that an online user define the seriousness of their injury, using a quantifiable scale that ranges from minor through to severe. It will then ask that the potential claimant to estimate roughly how much income they’ve potentially lost due to their accident.

Once these three modifiers have been defined, the Compensation Claims Calculator designed by Smith Jones Solicitor will then provide the user with a broad estimate of what their claim could be worth.

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