Carnomic and Deutsche Bank: A Partnership for Car Owners

SINGAPORE – July 12, 2019 –Carnomic, the blockchain automotive platform that will revolutionize communications, is partnering with Deutsche Bank to provide car owners with more value and more income for their data.

Carnomic is a blockchain platform that operates very differently from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which make money from users’ data. Rather than selling car owners’ data and keeping it for the platform, the profit from the sale of information goes to the people whom the information is about.

Deutsche Bank will start by servicing loans in the German market and will advertise and present exclusive offers. They plan to facilitate car loans through the app and use the platform’s data for their offsite marketing purposes.

“In the near future, we hope to provide smart contracts for Deutsche Bank,” said Periklis Kalaitzis, the CEO of Carnomic. “These new contracts would be able to trigger loan approvals automatically using existing Blockchain technologies. Buying a car will be faster and easier than ever before.”

Carnomic tokens (CARM) will be available to the public on July 15th, 2019. All users will receive payment for their data in Carnomic tokens. The tokens can be used to interact on the platform, play games, buy goods and services, or even cash out to your desired currency.

About Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is the #15 bank in the world based on assets managed. As one of the world’s leading banks, it funds tens of billions of dollars in commercial and residential projects globally. As evidenced by this partnership, Deutsche Bank is also one of the banking industry’s global leaders in innovation, supporting ideas that create change.

About Carnomic

Carnomic is a Blockchain platform designed for automobile owners to register their data and to be rewarded when that data is sold. Automobile manufacturers and dealers can purchase auto enthusiasts’ data for marketing purposes. Carnomic is based in Singapore and will launch tokens to general public on July 15th, 2019.

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