According to human engineering expert Li Jianjun, a good environment for children requires three elements

Li Jianjun, the founder of human engineering, pointed out at the Maria Montessori Education International Forum that parents place great emphasis on cultivating their children’s potential. Doing so requires creating a prepared environment for their children. Many positive factors can help create it, but most importantly, this environment requires three elements: color, sound and smell.

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The human body is a particularly complex structure, the most multifaceted and important of which is the human brain. The brain can record 86 million messages a day, and a person’s life can store 1 trillion information units. Of this information, less than 1% of the information is analyzed and processed by the brain, and more than 99% of the information is not used. A significant portion of the human brain’s potential has not yet been realized. What environment can stimulate potential? Li Jianjun believes that there are three ways to provide children with the environment to help them reach their potentials.

First, color is very important in creating such an enviromen. The world of children’s fairy tale is always depicted in a colorfulk way. Children’s lives need a lot of color. Therefore, the tone and pattern for places like their classroom or playroom must be fresh, concise, harmonious and clear. The layout of the environment should be as close as possible to nature, allowing children to obtain some visual and psychological compensation around the reinforced concrete structure, thereby increasing the right brain potential. For example, the floor can be paved with logs instead of carpet. It is best to use wood instead of plastic tables and chairs. The walls can be decorated with natural landscapes such as blue sky, white clouds, green trees and flowers, giving children the feeling of returning to nature.

Second, sound can be used for creating a good environment for children. Music can create a “healthy movement” of the nervous system that affects children’s physiological functions through the physical effects of sound. Children should always listen to some classical music as appreciation of high-quality music can children develop their brain. In addition, Li Jianjun suggested that children should read aloud while reading, the vibration sound produced by recitation will resonate with the deep layers of the brain, causing deep changes in the brain.

Last but not least, smell. It not only help health, but it is also an element that creates an environment that stimulates the potential. If some flowers and plants are placed in the teaching environment, they can not only dilute some polluted air, but also let the children think quickly. However, what is planted is important. Flowers, such as roses, jasmine, lily of the valley, and crepe myrtle, can make children happy with their fragrances and produce good results.

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