LZR LABS Expands International Reach, Now Ships to Over 30 Countries

LZR LABS Expands International Reach, Now Ships to Over 30 Countries

Isle of Palms, SC – July 12th, 2019 – LZR LABS continues to make innovative and cutting edge compounds available to health enthusiasts around the world, now with an even wider reach. This comes after the specialty lab, founded in 2016, quickly outpaced predicted growth metrics leading to frequent stock shortages and supply chain complications. Logistical bottlenecks that arose from shipping complications with some European and Asian countries forced LZR LABS to limit product service to a select number of areas worldwide.

With their drive to serve more customers and reach more locations as they grew LZR LABS turned to consultants in the payment processing industry, the web development industry, and the global shipping industry. This help in streamlining international payments with an online portal allowed purchases from more regions around the globe. At the same time, the newfound ability to automatically process foreign shipping information and format it in the correct manner made doing business with more countries a viable option.

As LZR LABS successfully shipped to one region with low enough error rates, they would then roll out the service to another, eventually reaching and surpassing their initial goal of 30 countries worldwide. Having gotten their start in Charleston, South Carolina, LZR LABS is now proud and honored to serve tens of thousands of happy and satisfied domestic and global customers.

The team at LZR LABS say they always strive to provide the highest level of customer service in all of their offerings.  Understanding the need for customers to get accustomed to their products and fully appreciate the benefits, LZR LABS has foregone the industry standard 30-day guarantee to instead offer a full 90-day money back guarantee for all products. This longer period is also meant to further assure new international customers that their orders are being handled promptly and professionally, with LZR LABS’ own support team handling any and all issues that may arise with shipping overseas.

To ensure the integrity and genuine quality of all offerings, LZR LABS only works with trusted material providers within the United States and follows extremely strict internal standards to meet and exceed industry standard practices. With the reality of further sales growth in the near future, LZR LABS predicts the possibility of product shortage when sales volumes peak but makes a promise that their high standards of service and product will remain ironclad through their growth. 

For more details about LZR LABS and their products and services, visit their site at https://lzrlabs.net/ or email them at support@lzrlabs.net. They can also be reached at 1 (877) 204-0487.

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