World-renowned businessman dedicates time to training the next generation of entrepreneurs

Location independent entrepreneur, John Spencer Ellis, launches a wide range of Entrepreneurship Development solutions to help new and experienced business owners and entrepreneurs

John Spencer Ellis started his business career back in the early nineties. Over the years, he has been able to grow and build his business. As expected, the business growth meant more responsibilities for John, which consequently made his daily life a bit more complex. However, the successful entrepreneur decided to make a shift to attend to other important aspects of his life, scaling down his life and living a life of minimalism while continuing a thriving business. As a way of giving back to the world, John Spencer is dedicating his free time to helping other new and experienced business owners and entrepreneurs achieve the same feat with a series of development programs.

Entrepreneurs in the build to grow their business often struggle with their personal life. Successful business executives, business owners, and other wealthy individuals also tend to live an affluent lifestyle, acquiring anything and everything they can afford. John Spencer Ellis, a successful entrepreneur, and business coach was not any different, growing his business and leading life to the fullest with the acquisition of everything possible. John has, however, made a massive shift by scaling down the life of acquiring multiple homes and fancy cars to live a life of minimalism.

The Digital Nomad is looking to teach the principles that have helped him over the years to scale down his hectic life by an estimated 80% while enjoying helping other new and experienced business owners and entrepreneurs do the same. John Spencer now enjoys more free time, less stress, lower overhead, a smaller team and more time for the activities he enjoys each day.

“I cannot believe how much I used to spend on things I really didn’t need,” said John Spencer Ellis.

John Spencer Ellis has successfully launched several resources and coaching for entrepreneurs who want to be location independent and live the life of a digital nomad. One of such programs is the Online Expert Empire, designed to show anyone how to start an online business that is fun to operate. He also offers coaching through his Entrepreneur Freedom Group.

More information about John Spencer Ellis and his several business coaching projects can be found on his website. John Spencer Ellis is also available across several social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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