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All of our products are natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly, safe for humans, pets and birds.
Natural, safe and effective pest deterrents, bug killers, plant growth accelerator and cleaner/polish products.
Pest Rid Products was started in 2009 with the initial product of Iguana-rid.  This product was developed to fill the need for an Iguana repellent for South Florida.  Non native green iguanas were causing tens of millions of dollars in damage a year as well as eating ornamental flowers and defecating in and around people’s pools.  The success and uniqueness of the product garnered multiple television, radio and newspaper coverage, including CNN.  After much additional testing, it became evident that this product also worked to deter most animal pests. The Pest-Rid name was produced to sell nationally and help repel animal pests such as iguanas, frogs, toads, snakes, rabbits, squirrel, deer, duck, geese, raccoons and much more.
Bed-Bug-Rid was developed to answer the worldwide epidemic of bed bugs.  This too is a natural, essential oil based, safe, eco-friendly, and very effective product.  Multiple independent laboratory testing proved that Bed-Bug-Rid kills the bed bugs on contact, kills the eggs and larvae, cockroaches and most crawling bugs.  This product passed the extremely high due diligence process of QVC where it was sold for over two years.  It is the only known natural and safe bed bug product that is also preventative and residual in nature.
New research and product development is ongoing with new products currently being launched.
Pest Rid Products is a development, manufacturing and marketing company in business for over 5 years.  They produce natural, safe, eco-friendly and effective pest deterrents and bug killers. They have a plant growth accelerator and a new cleaner/polish product. 
Pest-Rid/Iguana-Rid helps deter nearly all outdoor animal pests, while being safe for children, pets and the environment. 
Independent laboratory proven Bed-Bug-Rid kills on contact, bed bugs, eggs and larvae, cockroaches, and most crawling insects while having preventative and residual action.  All claims have been proven by independent laboratory testing. 
Jungle Flora is a USDA Organic growth accelerator for everything that grows, from plants to grass to vegetables and more.  It has been used commercially for many years. Coming soon! JUNGLE FLORA EXTREME PACKS, one 4.2oz packet makes 1 gallon of ready-to-use product.
Happy Shine is a “new science” cleaner/polish for almost any material that leaves a finish that deters dirt, dust and smudging and lasts for weeks.  Great on stainless, painted metal, glass, rubber, leather, mirrors, stone countertops and much more.
Iguana-Rid, LLC is a privately held company that was started in the owner, Mark Streisfeld’s garage.  The business has twice moved and now occupies a large office warehouse suite in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Multiple suppliers and product co-packers are used.
“It’s my passion to develop, manufacture and sell natural, safe, eco-friendly products for future generations and the earth,” said Mark Streisfeld, CEO.

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