Pet Care Product Specialists Innovet Pet Products Announces Release of PurBreath No Brush Complete Oral Care Gel for Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs have the same kind of issues with tooth and gum disease as their human companions. Innovet Pet Products, leaders in innovative pet care products, recently announced the launch of PurBreath, all natural oral care gel for the family pet.

March 06, 2015 – Many people aren’t aware of the fact that bad breath in dogs and cats is far from normal. Instead it’s a clear sign that the poor animal is likely suffering from tooth or gum disease. Owners of elderly pets, especially ones that resist routine brushing, face a tough decision between the risks of unchecked periodontal disease and the risk of flat lining during anesthesia.

Fortunately, thanks to the forward thinking of Innovet Pet Products, a smart solution exists to help the family pet feel (and smell) their best. The company recently announced the launch of their latest product, PurBreath, a natural oral care gel for cats and dogs, which has been designed to expertly address these issues. Customers have responded with enthusiasm.

“None of us want our faithful dog or care to suffer from tooth or gum diseases,” commented David Louvet from Innovet. “We designed PurBreath to tackle this problem head on and clean it up without resorting to harsh or dangerous chemicals. The oral gel is all natural and has been proven to be very effective.”

According to the company, there’s many clear advantages behind using PurBreath. Including: the oral health gel powerfully fights against periodontal disease, an infectious mouth disease that has been shown to decrease life span in pets; PurBreath is both affordably priced and very simple to use, even with difficult dogs and cats. The no brush system is even when simply wiped along the gumline. Treatment with PurBreath can potentially save future expenses at the vet, which can exceed $1000.

The product is currently available in two flavors traditonal peppermint and salmon flavor both very popular with even the pickiest dogs and cats.

Early customers are very excited about the new product.

Emily G., from Austin, recently said, “I was lucky enough to order PurBreath as soon as it was released. My dog may have had the worst breath ever. I’m surprised to say his breath is much better and he seems happier too. I’m so glad it looks like PurBreath saved us a trip to the vet. Five stars and fully recommended.”

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