A HELPING PAW – Amusing Satirical Observations of Life

A HELPING PAW - Amusing Satirical Observations of Life

Allan Gilmour’s “A HELPING PAW”
Two witty cats and an Englishman entertain the readers of Allan Gilmour’s “A HELPING PAW”

Mr Fred Midnight and Sir George Francis Winston were both born in 2010 and are this new book’s charming, feline protagonists. While Mr Fred is brave, worldly, sociable, and sometimes impatient, Sir George is homely, insightful, shy, and sometimes a bit of a traditionalist. Allan Gilmour is the person who has the pleasure of looking after these two in a little village in the Black Forest. Together, they decided to pen a book. The book contains valuable insights into how to REALLY lead a good life, e.g. that you shouldn’t necessarily eat what companies tell you to eat (and as well all know: cats love good food!). Listening to the two cats’ advice might be a very good idea. After all: have you ever met a cat that suffered from the Burnout Syndrome?

The well designed book “A HELPING PAW” by Allan Gilmour is a delightful piece of British tongue-in-cheek satire that thoughtfully and respectfully examines many of the overriding themes of today’s world, such as human behavior, politics and religion. It offers readers a fresh new perspective on life from the point-of-view of a couple of hilarious sharp-witted felines. Amy Raines, a Readers’ Favorite reviewer, called the content “absolutely adorable and insightful”. If you are interested in learning how to be as happy, comfortable and healthy as an average cat, this book is for you!

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