DRAWLIE – sketchbook with drawing lessons inside, now on Indiegogo

A small and handy sketchbook now lets you learn how to draw without any courses or books. The first of its kind product was developed in Poland by siblings Zuzia and Michal.

This unique sketchbook is filled with drawing lessons you can learn on the go, making sketching easier than ever. Now, the duo is introducing their innovative product to the world with a campaign on Indiegogo – a crowdfunding platform. 

DRAWLIE is a classic sketchbook with something special, tucked in between blank pages are mini drawing lessons. Michal explains the idea behind this design: “We wanted to include as many tips and guides as possible but still leave plenty of space for practice and freestyle drawing. That’s why for every lesson there are two blank pages inside.”

This minimal and creative approach provides students with freedom for expression, and plenty of room for practice. It offers a simple educational approach – short time commitment on a diverse range of lessons, from cartoons to elements of architecture.

DRAWLIE is designed to be a stress free experience for beginners and intermediate users, enabling the learner to tackle one or many lessons at their chosen pace. 

The idea was born when Michal (26) was working in an advertising agency and missed the ability to visualize his ideas, so he was determined to learn how to draw. His sister, Zuzia (24), was a 4th year student of painting and offered to help. She gave him her sketchbook and said “take a look at my drawings and get some inspiration.”

“We can start lessons next week.” This moment of insight planted an idea in Michal’s mind that realized into the DRAWLIE sketchbook, a personal teacher.

The DRAWLIE team aims to reinvent the way drawing is taught, with a more simple, flexible and easy to learn approach. To make their dream a reality they need to raise $10 000 to finalize their product and start production. For more details and how to support DRAWLIE visit their campaign page on indiegogo.com

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Media Contact
Company Name: Drawlie
Contact Person: Michal Gaszynski
Email: michal@drawlie.com
Phone: +48 602 177 499
Country: Poland
Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/drawlie-sketchbook-with-drawing-lessons-inside