Kuboo.Com Brings Pet Ownership into Play

The Kuboo.com game Rescue Adoption, teaches kids what’s involved in responsible pet ownership.
The game reinforces the principles of compassionate care endorsed by the Arizona Humane Society.

Pet ownership is a national hobby. Evening news programs tell heartwarming tales of pets and their families reunited after separation. Television ads for animals show heart-wrenching images of animals that have been rescued from neglect or abuse. Radio stations feature visits from animal advocates encouraging pet ownership. And that doesn’t even begin to address the inherent yearning of every child to have a puppy; who can forget the election night speech of Barack Obama, who, as he pledged to honor his promises to the nation that had voted for him as president, made a promise to his daughters, in front of the watching world, that his daughters were going to finally get the puppy for which they’d been waiting.

But promises aren’t enough, even when it’s a president who’s making them, when it comes to the serious business of taking care of a pet. Pets need daily care and attention; if the pet was brought into the family based on the strength of the child’s promise to bathe, brush, feed, walk and love his new puppy, there could be trouble. That’s why Kuboo.com (OTC Pink SGTB) and the Arizona Humane Society have joined forces to help parents find out if kids are really ready to accept responsibility for the pets they’re begging their parents to bring home.

Why a game? Because play can be an effective way to teach a child. Their game, Rescue Adoption, is a fun, free way to teach kids about pet ownership by making the steps of the game a virtual exercise. It’s a kid-friendly way to provide the instruction that’s needed to give pets proper care, but delivered in an entertaining manner that effectively communicates to children.

Play is easy. Are you ready to adopt a pet? Click yes or no. Registration requires parental approval and identification.  The child begins by selecting a dog. After clicking on the choice, a question comes up: Are you sure? After confirming, but before the child can take that furry new friend home, the dog needs a name. That beginning process initiates the game, but it also guides the prospective pet owner into the responsibilities that come with the pet.

Your child will need to buy supplies for the new member of the family. He or she then visits the Arizona Humane Society “store” to use earned coins to purchase supplies such as dog toothpaste, a dog house, shampoo, dog food.

User-friendly, kid-centric graphics make it an engrossing lesson for the learning. Not only is there information on how to care for a sick pet, The Kuboo-Arizona Humane Society duo give new dog owners tips like “one of the best ways to train a dog is with a “clicker.” This gives what the website calls a “playful way to train their dogs to sit, stay, go down, and go home.” Through play, your child can learn what to do to take care of the family’s new pet, and maybe keep those promises.


About Kuboo

Kuboo’s fun, safe game is a patent-pending, 3D virtual world for kids. Their technology provides a foundation for the mission of Arizona Humane Society’s focus on empathy, compassion and a respect for animals. Kuboo joins the AHS in its belief that every pet deserves a good life. Through partnerships, affordable community services, emergency rescue and its medical trauma center, Kuboo is committed to providing second chances that save the lives of animals.

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