Positive-thinking website looks to expand into new markets

MyRightDay, a popular Slovakian site promoting happiness and well-being, seeks funding for an English version.

Slovakian webmaster Randovan Zuffa has attracted thousands of people to his website that promotes happiness, well-being and positive thinking.

He wants to take it one step further by developing an English version. The exiting site is MyRightDay and can be found at www.spravnyden.sk

“Everybody wants and needs to feel good,” says Zuffa. “In our daily routine, we often forget to take a while just for ourselves – like there´s always something more important. MyRightDay includes short, interesting and positive articles of many topics that help you develop a positive outlook on life.

“It focuses on what bothers people, how to a better person and why people behave like they do. The feedback we’ve been getting is very positive. Viewers of our site are telling us that it makes them feel moreproductive, secure and appreciative of their lives.”

MyRightDay - Website Main Page
MyRightDay – Website Main Page

MyRightDay has been in existence for just about a year and its following has grown to tens of thousands. “We want to bring this experience to other people in other countries,” Zuffa says.

This would not only increase the site exposure but also make it available to many new contributors. “As we grow, we need more people writing articles, finding great topics and bringing positive messages on a daily basis,” says Zuffa.

An expansion like this involves significant technological and financial support. An English-speaking webmaster, web designer and editors will be needed as well as a new hosting platform and translators. The cost estimate is $16,000.

In order to generate this funding, Zuffa has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at www.indiegogo.com/projects/webpage-my-right-day-think-positive-reach-more

Donations of any amount are welcome. Zuffa is hoping that people will learn about the success of the Slovakian version of MyRightDay and provide support. For people supporting the project, interesting promotion perks are offered, as well. Supporters can also get their own promotion very cheaply as an added benefit.

“Ten of thousands of people follow our website and really appreciate the benefits of our point of view,” says Zuffa. “We want to continue broadcasting our positive message to a broader audience.”

For additional information, visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/webpage-my-right-day-think-positive-reach-more; MyRightDay Facebook page, www.facebook.com/spravnyden; or the MyRightDay website, www.spravnyden.sk

Zuffa can be reached directly at info@get-in.sk

MyRightDay - Website Sub-Page
MyRightDay – Website Sub-Page

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