Feisou discovered the new recipe for summer hair care


Ultraviolet radiation is the total term of electromagnetic spectrum with wavelength of 10 to 400 nanometers, which is invisible to the naked eye. However, prolonged exposure to strong ultraviolet rays can cause skin and hair burns and even skin cancer.

Sunburned skin is visible, but sunburned hair is hard to see because it doesn’t make people hurt. Hair is made of protein, strong ultraviolet radiation will destroy the chain structure of it and make hair split, dry, withered and yellow and easy to break. Dry hair will become drier, unruly and withered after exposure to the sun.

Therefore, feisou makes a proposal for protecting hair in summer. It advocates moisturizing and nourishing hair in a natural way.   

To effectively improve people’s hair, feisou NOURISHING SMOOTHING shampoo has adopted high proportion of natural plant essential oils that can fully nourish hair.

Being thin in water, fine in foam, this shampoo helps rejuvenate hair and make it fuller and more elastic. What’s more, people will enjoy the subtle natural scent of orange in their shampooing time.


The greasy hair is caused by overactive secretion of oil on the scalp. feisou SCALP DEEP CLEANSING shampoo adopts amino acid surfactants that are mild and not irritant, being extracted from coconut oil, they can effectively remove the grease and dirt from the scalp in a mild way and leave people refreshing hair in summer. In addition, the surfactants are environmentally friendly because they are degradable. Producing airy foams, the transparent liquid with light lemon scent has good anti-oxidation and moisturizing performance.


Using this shampoo with the unique feisou hair conditioner will make hair become fluffy and shine with a healthy lustre. To avoid many hair problems, people are supposed to pay more attention to their hair care especially in summer.

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