Visual Ambrosia’s Ambient Video is Turning Living Room Television Into a Work of Art

Los Angeles, CA – Visual Ambrosia is pleased to announce it is revolutionizing the art industry with its innovative ambient video streaming app.

The app, recently launched on the Roku streaming platform, is one of the latest ambient video programs to hit the market.  Ambient video is a growing niche in the video category and is designed to turn any television into a convenient source of art.

“Similar to hanging a picture on the wall, ambient video programs can quickly and easily set the tone of a room,” says Alexander Hager, founder of Visual Ambrosia.  “Ambient video programs have been rapidly growing in popularity, thanks to shows like Planet Earth and Fireplace for Your Home.  Some even say the first ambient video was made by Andy Warhol.”

Much like these shows, Visual Ambrosia uses non-distracting movies to help homeowners, and even business owners, to set the mood of their space and enhance décor with a modern twist. 

“Visual Ambrosia was born from the curious plan to see chromolithograph books at a microscopic level,” states Hager.  “The journey from macro images to micro details makes for stunning colorful decorative video.”

The Visual Ambrosia app showcases 15 hours of beautiful images of geometric design, natural history, flowers and foliage, antique books, and even architecture.  Users can choose from a wide variety of scenes, including:

  • Birds
  • Flowers
  • Orchids
  • Arabian, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, and European design
  • Grotesque medieval design
  • And many other animals

“No matter what sort of tone our users are trying to set, Visual Ambrosia has the ultimate program for your needs,” says Hager.  “We are so pleased to help people to enhance their appreciation of art through a uniquely modern twist.”

Visual Ambrosia was founded by Michael Nathan Harris and Alexander Hager.

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