Small Town Softball Team Is Going to The World Series And Kryofit Sport Donates Revolutionary Cooling Apparel to Help Keep Them Safe

Allentown Redbirds Softball Team Will Wear Heat Reducing Compression Sleeves at Babe Ruth World Series

July 23, 2019 – Allentown, NJ – Kryofit Sport, a start-up athletic apparel company focused onheat reducing compression clothing, has officially announced it will donate items from its line to the Allentown Redbirds under-8 softball team. 

The girls team was invited to participate in the Babe Ruth World Series in Treasure Coast, Florida from July 25th to August 3rd. The Redbirds will not only face top U8 softball teams from around the United States, but they will also compete against the incredibly hot temperatures of Florida. Kryofit’s compression cooling products will keep the girls comfortable and refreshed during the peak of summer in Florida as they battle for the Babe Ruth World Series trophy. 

Founded by Alan Brockway, Kryofit cooling compression clothing combats overheating when playing sports during periods of high temperatures. Brockway developed Kryofit Cold Compression using the same methods employed by EMTs when attending to patients suffering from heat stroke. He combined that technique with durable athletic compression sleeves. The result is a cooling compression item that helps prevent an athlete from overheating and improves their athletic performance. 

“Kryofit Cold Compression works because it cools athletes before they overheat,” Brockway said. “Standard protocols only include reactionary cooling solutions like cold baths after the damage is already done. The dual benefits of proven compression gear with strategically placed cold inserts, achieves the goal of improved performance, recovery, and safety in the heat.” 

The Allentown Reds U8 softball team will benefit from the apparel donated for their trip to the Babe Ruth World Series in multiple ways. Not only will it keep the girls cool on hot Florida days, something many of the players are not accustomed to, but it could help prevent heat stroke. 

In 2003, Major League Baseball player Steven Bechler of the Baltimore Orioles died of heat stroke during preseason. Just last season, Detroit Tigers player Niko Goodrum was forced to leave an MLB regular season game due to heatstroke. Even with the tools at the disposals of MLB teams, a number of players exited games in 2018 due to heat related illnesses. 

With the combination of hot temperatures, exposure to direct sunlight, and physical activity, people are capable of sustaining heat stroke in a short time period. The younger a person is, the chances of suffering from heat stroke magnifies.

According to the National Athletic Trainers Association, heat is the No. 1 cause of athlete hospitalizations and death in the US. The dangers of playing softball during extremely hot Florida days influenced the coaches of the Allentown Redbirds to seek out Brockway and Kryofit. They have since built a partnership that has seen Kryofit donate cooling gear to every member of the team. Allentown Redbirds players also receive cold inserts to stay safe and play their best. 

The girls and coaches have already been using the Kryofit products during practice as they prepare to take on the best U8 softball teams in the US later this month. The temperatures in New Jersey have been over 90-degrees, giving the Redbirds the chance to experience the cooling effect of Kryofit Cool Compression. 

“The girls were super excited about the season and getting the invitation to the World Series,” Erick Simonds, Allentown Redbirds head coach, said. “It’s up to us, the coaches and parents, to think about all the angles and the Florida heat was a big concern. Fortunately, I knew about Kryofit and even had a pair for myself, so I knew how well they work. As a parent and coach, I feel much better about the safety of our players now that they are wearing Kryofit gear.” 

Allentown Redbirds will begin their journey at the Babe Ruth World Series in Treasure Coast, Florida beginning on July 25th and play until August 3rd

“Kryofit Cool Compression is for athletes who want or need to perform better, recover faster, and exercise safer in the heat,” Brockway said. “Kryofit can help athletes of all types enjoy the warmer months even more. These kids worked hard and our hope it to help them play well and feel better in the Florida heat.” 

About Kryofit 

Kryofit is a New Jersey-based start-up created by entrepreneur Alan Brockway. While training, Brockway found himself overheating during sessions. He began researching ways to keep cool and prevent dangerous overheating issues and illnesses. With over 16 years of medical experience, Brockway designed Kryofit by combining compression sports material with cooling inserts. Since creating Kryofit, the company has worked with professional and amateur athletes to improve its products.

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