If feisou amino acid shampoos are suitable for people with sensitive scalps

Just like facial skin, scalp is not only classified into oily scalp, neutral scalp, dry scalp, but also sensitive scalp, which is usually tight, dry, stinging and flaky.

Sensitivity is not equal to allergy. Sensitive skin is more fragile than normal skin and less resistant to external irritants, thus it is easy to be allergic to something. While skin allergy will show some symptoms of dermatitis.

The sensitive facial skin needs to be cared by mild products, as does sensitive scalp. While most shampoos sold in the market take sulfate surfactants as their main cleaning ingredients, whose cleaning power is guaranteed, however, the prolonged use of it will remove the necessary oil from the scalp, which will cause a tight feeling and even damage the protein in the hair.

Then what kind of shampoo should people with sensitive scalps use? From the point of view of pH, amino acid shampoo is the best choice. 

With a similar pH value to the scalp environment, amino acid shampoo has good affinity with skin. It can clean the scalp in the mildest way. But people should notice that it doesnt mean that this kind of shampoo contains amino acid inside, but means that it takes amino acid surfactants as its main cleaning ingredients, which are extracted from natural raw materials such as superior coconut oil, palm oil, wheat protein and so on. Amino acid surfactants are costly but degradable and not irritant, most importantly, it has a good detergency.

feisou amino acid shampoo is such a good one with the brand idea of natural and healthy hair care, which has won a good reputation. Replacing essence, pigment and silicone oil with multiple plant essential oils, feisou shampoo moisturizes peoples hair without burdening the sensitive scalps.

People should get right shampooing ways besides focusing on using a good shampoo, such as washing hair with warm water and massaging the scalp with finger pulps. The scalp is fragile, and the sensitive scalp is even more. Therefore, people should care their scalps attentively like they care their faces.

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