BoardsEducation Publish New Guide To Help Consumers Refinance Student Loans

BoardsEducation simplifies the process of finding student loans by providing simple answers and solutions in a single place.

BoardsEducation announces a new guide to help consumers looking to refinance student loans. The free guide is available to all subscribers. Along with a wealth of information and credible sources for loans, subscribers will also receive essential education tips and unique ways to pay for college.

Millions of families use student loans to help cover the rising cost of college tuition. Traditional sources of funding come from federal student loans, provided by the U.S. government, and private loans from banks and other financial institutions. For years, federal loans represented the best option for college funding. However, private loans and other sources of funding are increasing in popularity due to attractive terms, including lower rates of interest for credit-worthy parents.

“One of the most common questions in households with college-aged students is ‘How to pay for college.’ Some parents plan well before the question arises, but with a shaky economy and rising costs of tuition, books, housing, and other supplies, paying for college places a heavy burden on the average consumer,” says Bill Reiner, a financial expert at BoardsEducation. “The internet should be a helpful resource, but an overload of information, some of it inaccurate, can be a major source of frustration for students and parents. Our goal is to consolidate the most important needs and respond to financial-related questions in a concise and accurate manner. We include statistics, facts, and recommendations from financial experts. Readers will discover out-of-the-box sources of college financing and subscribers will benefit from routine tips delivered to their inbox.”

When questioned about the target audience, Mr. Reiner was quick to clarify, “Our solutions are targeted to the college student, yes. But it targets their parents as well. It will benefit prospective students, looking to pay for college. It is equally beneficial to current students or graduates looking to refinance student loans. Some students want to (or have to) manage student loans without a cosigner, we show them how to accomplish that even if they don’t have a credit history.”

Federal loans will always be a worthy contender in the realm of student loans. They’re especially beneficial for undergraduates who need to borrow without help from their parents. The repayment terms and rate of interest are hard to beat, but there’s a growing number of attractive options that students should explore before taking the plunge. BoardsEducation new guide with essential tips will help students navigate the maze of student loans.

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