The Leading Medical Answering Service in New York for Your Practice

There are numerous companies offering medical answering services but the best service for you is the one that’s professional, friendly and caters exclusively to the answering needs of the medical community.

Rutherford, NJ. 13 Feb 2013. Medical answering services are becoming increasingly popular among doctors, hospitals and medical establishments because they help reduce the overhead costs while providing doctors the opportunity to deliver enhanced medical care to their patients. Cullens Communications is the preferred answering service of most doctors and medical practitioners because they are one of the most professional and experienced services available.

According to their clients, Cullens Communications scores heavily over their competitors in many areas. They use the very latest answering service technology and telecommunications technology. Their state-of-the-art call system is acclaimed as the best in the industry as it allows them to customize each account to meet the specific needs of each practice. Doctors are assured of enhanced call quality and functionality.

Unmatched reliability is another reason why Cullens Communications is the first choice of the medical profession when it comes to choosing a reliable and experienced medical answering service. The company ensures uninterrupted service even in the most trying circumstances as they have powerful battery backups and gas powered generators to deliver service during power outages. They have associate offices where all calls can be seamlessly transferred in the event of any type of natural disaster.

Cullens Communications boasts of the best call agents in the industry which helps them provide high quality service consistently. The company has a system in place to make sure the call agents’ care about patients calls just as the doctor would do. This is done through an incentive based performance program which rewards the call agents every month for exceptional service.

Unlike other medical answering services, Cullens Communications does not cut corners or compromise on the quality of service they offer. Their sophisticated telecommunication system helps access services at competitive prices, the benefits of which are passed on to the clients. This results in their service being among the lowest priced in the industry. Their plan is simple, straightforward and easy to understand. Doctors get the best value for their money.

Cullens Communications was established by Bruce, Ginger and Gary Cullen, both belonging to families having strong ties to the medical community. They purchased the then small local answering service in 1989 and focused all of their time to help streamline the flow of information between doctors and their patients. The service was re-christened as Cullens Communications in1989.

General Manager Haley Cluett believes that the company is vastly different from other answering services because of their employees. She says, “We are successful for one reason and that’s our hardworking employees. Management at our call center encourages feedback from the bottom up and we are constantly challenging ourselves to find ways to improve the answering service experience for both our employees and our clients.”

The company’s philosophy is all about helping people. The spokesperson says that they get tremendous satisfaction from helping patients and doctors have an excellent answering service experience. They also strive to do their bit for the community by donating time and money to charities and providing free answering services to needy organizations. The community also benefits from the well-paid, non-outsourced jobs. They are proud of the fact that they still provide medical answering service to many of their first clients.

Cullens Communication makes it easy for doctors to try their HIPAA compliant, answering service with a free month trial offer to all their new clients. Whether you’re managing your patient calls in-house or using another answering service, a dedicated account manager will help develop a plan that makes the changeover simple and easy to put into action.

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