Baku Animal Rescue Society Aids Abandoned Dogs in Azerbaijan

Baku is the capital of the European-Asian nation of Azerbaijan, and home to almost two million people.  This sprawling metropolis, which will host the First European Olympic Games in June, is also filled with thousands of abandoned dogs which are often hungry, ill or abused.  The Baku Animal Rescue Society (BARS) is an independent charity that shelters, rehabilitates and places these abandoned animals. Having helped almost 70 dogs to date, BARS is composed of primarily young locals and expat community, and is dependent upon donations to continue operating.

BARS is an officially registered charity organization that is currently seeking funds to build an animal shelter and help care for the canines currently in their care.  Until now the volunteers have built open air kennels and helped dozens of these abandoned and mistreated animals find the veterinary assistance and care they require to recover.  Many of these animals have found new homes with loving families, while others are housed by BARS.  The group is eager to expand their operations so that more dogs can have a brighter future, but BARS needs your help. 

BARS has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $5,000 which will be used to help build a permanent animal shelter, as well as house, feed and care for abandoned dogs. These funds will be entirely devoted to providing food, veterinary care and living essentials like heat and electricity to these overlooked animals. By contributing to this worthwhile campaign, you will be making a serious difference in the lives of these forgotten and forlorn animals. 

Please consider helping BARS in their efforts and visit their Indiegogo campaign at to make a donation. 

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