Slipto Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Contact Sharing App

Budapest, Hungary – On March 10 2015, Slipto launched a Kickstarter campaign for a cloud-based contact sharing platform that will revolutionize the way we manage our contacts. Slipto makes important information easily available on all of your devices, inclusing: iPhone, Android, or Windows smartphones, tablets and computers. 

“This is the last time you need to spell your email address. Business cards haven’t changed since 1796. We think it’s high time for a change,” the team says, “The functions Slipto has will open completely new dimensions in contact management.”

The Slipto app makes it easy for members to identify potential contacts nearby and exchange information. If a business partner is not a Slipto member you can still send your card by email, SMS, or QR-code. No more mishearing phone numbers or forgetting important details about a business contact – the app lets you take notes and records the time and place where you met the person. 

Designing a trendy custom business card on Slipto only takes 60 seconds, and you can create more than one card to send to different contacts depending on the information you want them to have. When a user updates information (like a phone number or email address) their contacts’ cards can be changed accordingly.

“Our main goal with the Kickstarter campaign is to collect users,” Slipto explains, “Any amount of support is welcome. We would like to have a wide scale launch for the system.

With most social apps, the more people who are online the more fun Slipto will be to use. In exchange for pledges, backers can receive a variety of rewards including access to the platform a month before the official launch, a limited chance to become a tester for iPhone or Android, specially designed Honorary Co-Founder Slipto cards (bronze, silver, or gold), and more. 

“If you support our project, even with one dollar, you will get access to the whole platform, the applications and your web account one month before the official release. In this case you and the ones you invite will be able to use it, one month before the official launch.”

To learn more about Slipto or support this campaign, check out the Kickstarter page here.

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