RRMine has officially landed on UK. A series of events are scheduled to take place on Meetup, London.

On August 13th, 2019, London, RRMine holds a roadshow in London and announces the cooperation with UK marketing experts to form RRMine UK business team and develop local market together. On August 19th, there will be another themed roadshow “How to Get Bitcoin for Free?” in London. Welcome to join that event.

As the leader of UK business team, Mr. Liu has settled down in the UK for more than 10 years, has grasped a deep understanding of the UK local market and culture, and has accumulated sufficient oversea E-commerce experience and social resources. He shows great interest and strong confidence in RRMine’s Bitcoin cloud mining business. Moreover, he believes the combination of RRMine’s business and E-commerce business can be very constructive and profitable.

Mrs. Li Xin, the co-founder of RRMine, thinks that the UK market environment is ready for Bitcoin Cloud Mining business and makes an in-depth introduction to RRMine’s innovative business model, including cloud mining model, technological innovation, risk control mechanism, Hashpower supply advantages, operation management, and future strategic development, which attracts wide attention and high recognition from the audience.

RRMine (https://www.rrmine.com/), as a Global Distributed Bitcoin Hashrate Asset Management Platform, provides advanced Bitcoin cloud mining service, transparent Hashrate asset management, and flexible Hashrate trading service.

RRMine now has nearly 100,000 users worldwide. RRMine’s powerful Hashrate suppliers ensures its large-scale transparent and reliable power supply. At present, RRMine has completed the landing service structure in the United States, Japan, Europe and China. In the future, RRMine will further expand the global market, attract more users to share RRMine’s cloud mining service, grasp the technology of the emerging digital world, and share the dividends of emerging digital assets.

In recent years, Bitcoin has become popular around the world. The UK prepares to position itself as a bitcoin-friendly country to boost the economy after the Brexit. According to the international data analysis company YouGov’s market data, more than 93% of UK citizens have heard of Bitcoin (BTC), and 21% of UK citizens claim that in the end, cryptocurrencies will be the same as debit cards or credit cards.

The U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) assigns guidance for how crypto assets should be regulated in the country, suggests whether these can be accommodated under existing rules overseen by the FCA – for example, as specified investments, financial instruments or E-money. With more regulations, UK’s Bitcoin market is moving towards a good direction of standardization.

RRMine embraces market trend, accelerates the process of business globalization, and continuously enhances its strength. At the same time, RRMine shares the results of innovation with the global participants in the blockchain industry.

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