“The new audiophile TWELVE DRIVER Earphones with Lightning Connector”
Degauss Labs announced its expanded Earphone offering with the Degauss Labs TWELVE DRIVER Earphones Lightning. These are the most detailed and powerful earphones Degauss Labs ever built, now packed with a with a specific iPhone compatible Lightning cable. Designed in Stockholm Sweden the earphones contain a total of 12 balanced speakers to achieve its audio precision enormous power staying true to the original Degauss Labs sound signature.

Stockholm – 16th Aug, 2019 – First, don’t you feel mucking around with adaptors and cables is a nuisance? especially when your traveling and just want to plug in your Earphones with minimal fuss. This should also go for Earphones in the top audio range. Degauss Labs just solved that.

Designed for the users who wont settle for second best the TWELVE DRIVER´s feature an optimal over the ear ergonomic fit that combines sleek style with the well renowned Degauss sound for all-day wear. A variety of ear-tips options provide individualized fit for comfort and noise isolation.

TWELVE DRIVER Lightning utilizes the Lightning cable and connector to the max so you will be ready to connect it to your Apple iPhone® anytime with minimal fuzz. These Lightning based Earphones have other advantages over your standard 3.5mm version as the digital audio signal allows you to step up from traditional 16-bit (CD-quality) audio to high-res 24-bit audio that is comparable to the master recordings produced in the studio.

Availability & Pricing

TWELVE DRIVER´s is available now through the company’s website. As for pricing the TWELVE DRIVER made for Android, iPhone will be going for $299 or equivalent in €. Free shipping in the USA, Canada and the European Union apply.

The product can be ordered online:

Already Top Reviewed

TWELVE DRIVER´s receives top reviews wherever they go. The popular website who devote themselves to review new high level electronics equipment made the TWELVE DRIVER´s a top reviewed earphone on their website.

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An unbeatable Return Policy

Degauss Labs wants you to try their earphones. So in order to have the best possible online shopping experience, Degauss Labs believe you need to have a World Class return policy. If you are not happy with your purchase for whatever reason, don’t worry, just return the earphones to them in 14-days and get your money back – No questions asked. 

About Degauss Labs Corporation

Degauss Labs is one of the leading manufacturers of in earphones for the consumer market. The Degauss Labs TWELVE DRIVER Lightning launch can be reached through their website:

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