With Chicago and Miami based record label Wake Up! Music, it’s been a case of expect the unexpected over the last couple of years. That continues to be the case as Wake Up! Music announces their latest signing, A Killer’s Confession who have been hailed one of the most exciting and innovative of the current crop of American alt-metal groups. That comes as no surprise as A Killer’s Confession was founded by none other than former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis in 2016. 

This was a new start for Waylon Reavis, who, by then, had been a member of various bands. This included 3 Quarters Dead who released their debut album “Blueprint Of A Strange Mind” in 2003. However, the following year, 2004, Waylon Reavis joined the band he made his name with…Mushroomhead. This was the start of an eleven year adventure for charismatic frontman Waylon Reavis. When he took to the stage, with Mushroomhead he donned facepaint and masks that featured his trademark swallow. With Waylon at the helm, Mushroomhead were soon a hugely popular live draw who released a triumvirate of critically acclaimed albums. Waylon’s Mushroomhead debut was 2006s “Savior Sorrow,” with “Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children” following in 2010. However, 2013s “The Righteous and The Butterfly” was Waylon’s swan-song with Mushroomhead and two years later, in 2015, he parted company with the band after eleven years as co-vocalist. The big question was what now for Waylon Reavis?

In September 2016, Waylon Reavis announced on Facebook, and then via a press release, that his new band A Killer’s Confession, had signed a recording contract with EMP Label Group. Eight months later in May 2017, A Killer’s Confession released their debut album “Unbroken” to plaudits and praise. Soon, the hard rocking alt-metal pioneers headed out on tour, and were winning friends wherever they played. Later in 2017, A Killer’s Confession self-released “Angel On The Outside” and “I Wish” as digital singles, with “Reanimated” following in 2018. During that period, and beyond, A Killer’s Confession were dividing their time between playing live and recording their sophomore album “The Indifference Of Good Men” which was completed earlier in 2019. 

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