Olga Eregina Is a Professional UX/UI Designer Offering Clients Customized Mobile App and Web Application Design

Every business needs a reliable UX/UI designer that will provide them with the design of the product that stands out. Olga offers incredible solution at a great price for businesses or any type of projects

Budapest, Hungary – For any business or project to survive, they need to have a solid online presence. It’s not just enough to have a website or mobile app, but something that is beautiful, easy to use, and simplistic.

Olga Eregina is a highly experienced and professional UX/UI designer based in Budapest, Hungary. She specializes in designing mobile apps and websites that are responsive and functional, to help promote her clients’ businesses and services.

She looks at every job differently, by trying to understand the needs of an individual client and providing them with the best-personalized solutions.

In the past 4 to five years, Olga has spent time honing her skills by subjecting herself to developing design skills. She later upgraded to learning UX, UI, and design thinking, with a clear understanding of CSS/HTML, JavaScript, etc. required for good communication with the development team.

For Olga, every client is different. She always tries to understand the business needs of her clients as well as their requirement, before creating designs for applications and websites. She creates an artwork that will make her clients stand out among the competition, thereby giving them a competitive advantage that drives traffic and generates leads.

Her expertise includes:

  • mobile app design
  • web app design
  • corporate website designs
  • landing page designs
  • ecommerce websites
  • digital retouching and image editing

She is intelligent, always ready to help, and prepared for any type of challenges. She has designed a number of Mobile Applications and Web Applications. She has also redesigned the corporate portal for a regional branch of one of the world’s biggest kitchenware producers.

To learn more about her services, please contact her via email to design@olgaeregina.com, or visit https://www.behance.net/eeregina05ee.

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Contact Person: Olga Eregina
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Phone: +36707011085
Country: Hungary
Website: https://www.behance.net/eeregina05ee