Handshaikh Celebrates 25 Years of Cross-Cultural Training for Westerners in Arab Countries

Handshaikh Celebrates 25 Years of Cross-Cultural Training for Westerners in Arab Countries

Cosham, United Kingdom – Handshaikh is celebrating 25 years of their “TAG Cultural Awareness Training” program. The programoffers a comprehensive overview of the behaviours and cultural undertones in Arab countries. As a company committed to fostering culturalawareness training in the UK, they have helped to equip mostly westerners with knowledge about business, life, and culture in Arab countries. As noted on their website, http://www.handshaikh.com/, their work has helped to raise cultural awareness for countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and UAE.

The company’s cultural awareness training helps people navigate other cultures. They aim to foster awareness to help their clients better maintain healthy business relationships.

Handshaikh recognises people approach learning differently. To that end, they employ several teaching methods. Interested parties can choose private seminars, public lectures, self-paced training, or online training. More information about the framework of their training sessions is available at http://www.handshaikh.com/cultural-awareness-training/.

These training sessions are oriented towards business professionals who work closely with executives in Arab countries. Handshaikh aims to help businesses attain a global reach by equipping them with the cultural tools to thrive in other countries.

Now, as part of their live training events, participants receive a copy of the bestselling book, Don’t They Know It’s Friday?. The book is authored by Jeremy Williams. Williams is one of Handshaikh’s speakers who boasts around 40 years of experience working with Gulf Arabs.

The bestselling book has become one of Handshaikh’s prime offerings. It allows seminar participants to bring the cultural knowledge home with them and learn at their own leisure. This book addresses the reality of business practices in Arab countries from a Western perspective. Its purpose is to help Westerners avoid wasting time, effort, and money.

To learn more about or purchase a copy of this book, visit http://www.handshaikh.com/book/.

Handshaikh offers a variety of other useful services, like their onboarding support. For businesses that deploy employees to other countries, the transition can be challenging. With Handshakih’s cross-cultural training, employees will find it easier to integrate into Arab cultures. They will learn the cultural customs necessary to thrive in the workplace. The company also helps clients prepare and tailor presentations to Arab clients, and they offer English-Arab translation services.

Handshaikh’s approach to cross-cultural training is dynamic and multi-faceted. Throughout their 25 years of operation, they have amassed a bank of cultural knowledge. As a resource for Westerners, the company aims to continue transforming and supporting the important work of Western businesses in Arab countries.

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