China-hifi-Audio Spokesperson Announces to Add Hi-end Amplifiers from Different Brands in their Stock

These new amplifiers are Line Magnetic 508IA tube amplifier, Jungson JA-88D Luxury integrated amplifier with remote control and Cayin A100T power & integrated amplifier.

In order to meet the demands of its customers, China-hifi-Audio keeps diversifying its portfolio by including new products from the leading brands. The online store maintains an exhaustive stock of tube electronics and never delays to bring new and updated products to its fold. Customers can easily find advanced amplifiers, CD players, DACs, stereo players, coaxial speakers and other items in their stock. China-hifi-Audio can ship products anywhere in the world, and they have a safe, timely and express delivery system in place. Recently, they have added amplifiers from Line Magnetic Audio, Cayin Audio and Jungson in their stock.

According to the spokesperson of the online store, they have now Line Magnetic 508IA single-ended class A tube amplifier in their stock. This LM amplifier has a shipping weight of 43kg and customers can get it delivered at their doorstep along with a remote control and a tube cage cover. This 100% brand new amplifier is an integrated amplifier and can be a power amplifier as well. The amplifier is beautiful in appearance with its graceful and attractive black panel. The machine comes with 805 output power tubes, and which help it to achieve class A, single-ended power amplification. This LM amplifier allows a user to use tubes from a variety of brands and models to listen to the music. With a totally handmade construction, the machine is robust in structure, and the preheating function of its filament extends the life of the tube.

Another new product that one can explore in their stock is the Jungson JA-88D Luxury integrated amplifier. This luxury edition of the amplifier is available with a remote control and is available with a shipping weight of 33kg. It can operate on a voltage from 100V to 240V, and features the full balanced transmission technology. The spokesperson reveals that this luxury edition product is the company’s flagship product that showcases a noble descent. The key components of the amplifier are of top quality to ensure a great performance. The product also features some of the world’s leading technologies, such as Swiss watch technology and German precision technology. Besides, it comes fitted with the Japanese power tubes from Toshiba.

China-hifi-Audio Spokesperson Announces to Add Hi-end Amplifiers from Different Brands in their Stock

The spokesperson states that they now have Cayin A100T power and integrated amplifier in their stock. This amplifier has a shipping weight of 33kg, and features pure handmade, point-to-point scaffolding. The machine is remarkable for its all Aluminum shell precision production and pure evacuated tubes. The amplifier has the capability of keeping the noise to its lowest level for delivering sweet, soft and delicate music. The machine comes fitted with top quality parts, such as copper speaker terminal blocks, RCA terminals etc that improve the sound quality.

One can check the features and specifications of these three amplifiers by visiting the website

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