Sell Home Fast is the Top Property Buying Company in California, Texas, and Arizona

Sell Home Fast is the Top Property Buying Company in California, Texas, and Arizona

Dallas – Sellhomefast was established in 2005. With more than 1200 clients, it is considered the top property buying company in California, Texas, and Arizona. Essentially, the company eliminates the frustration of waiting for offers making home selling hassle-free and satisfactory for many homeowners.

Aside from experience, how is different from conventional ways of house selling? Here are some distinctions:

Three easy steps for house sales

This company boasts of three easy steps for house sales. Steps include the following:

* Filling the Information Form: the first step is filling out the Information Form. This will provide the company with information about the property like the address, city, state, and zip code. It will also ask the seller’s name, email, and phone numbers. More importantly, the seller should provide the asking price.

* Evaluating the property: after receiving the information, the company will contact the seller and schedule an evaluation of the property. At this stage, the seller should make the company understand the reason behind the asking price.

* Making Cash Offer: after the evaluation, the property buying company can present and make a Cash Offer. As soon as both parties agree, the seller will have the cash from escrow.

No commission fees

Normally, estate agents charge a minimum of 2% commission fee on top of legal fees. This company boasts of zero commission fees. For sellers, this is good news because they do not need to pay anything. Everything will be handled by this property buying company.

No staging needed

When it comes to viewings, it is normal for the sellers to spend on improvements to make the house appealing. This property buying company will not require sellers staging or improvement prior to sale. The house will be bought “as is”. In the end, this can streamline the home viewing process.

Set timeline

With conventional estate agents, there is no set timeframe because it will depend largely on the location and competition. In general, transactions can go through from 5 to 6 months – sometimes longer with legal matters.

This property buying company operates according to the seller’s set timeline. This means that sellers can expect an offer within 24 hours. Transactions are expected to run smoothly so it is usually completed within 7 days.

Guaranteed sale

House prices can fall without prior notice. If dealing with conventional real estate agents, there are no guarantees but with this property buying company, sellers are guaranteed the sale of the property. As soon as the seller accepted a formal offer, there is nothing that can change that.

Direct communication

With conventional estate agents, sellers will not directly communicate with the buyer. The agents will handle the correspondence from both parties. This property buying company can establish a direct dialogue with the seller especially when it comes to the price of the property – no middlemen.

With property buying companies around, sellers are given more choices on how to go about selling homes or other properties. In a nutshell, the company is streamlining the house selling process thereby making the experience of sellers less stressful.

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