Hung Wei Holdings Co., Ltd. in the Netherlands has formed a partnership with the BBOSS project of Singapore Lion King Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Recently, the Dutch listed company Hung Wei Holdings Co. Ltd. (stock code HUWH-MO) has reached an in-depth cooperation agreement with Lion King Digital Technology Co., Ltd. The signing of the strategic agreement marks the formal opening of the cooperation between the two sides. The two sides will take the BBOSS global general points accounting tool as the starting point to establish a high-quality cooperative relationship and open a new chapter of omni-directional cooperation.

Singapore Lion King Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is an international cutting-edge technology company that focuses on blockchain technology system development, entity industry application, digital asset value creation and trading system development services. Its BBOSS global universal credit accounting tool has been widely used in Southeast Asia, mainland China and around the world after nearly one year of application, and global entities use it as a point tool to earn credits for BBOSS Token. It has become a global consensus and involves commercial enterprises covering the entire industry chain.

The Dutch listed company Hung Wei Holdings Co. Ltd.’s Asia Weinet is a well-known gaming system developer in Asia, committed to the innovation and the advancing of gaming technology. As a listed company in the Netherlands, the company signed a strategic investment agreement with Singapore Lion King for $200 million, and mutual shareholding by means of equity swap will help upgrade the BBOSS accounting tool technology of Singapore Lion King, node operation support, business application optimization, It will become the benchmark in the field of universal points. The two parties are expected to cooperate in September 2020 to register Singapore Lion King Technology Co., Ltd. on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, so that more users can obtain wealth gains in the capital market.

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