Global Protein Chip Market 2019 Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Sales, Opportunities, Analysis and Forecast To 2025


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Global Protein Chip Market

The protein microarray technology, the process of immobilizing multiple proteins on to single solid support and using miniaturized assays to better understand protein interactions, has seen steady growth in recent years. Facilitating the study of protein synergy with antibodies, other proteins, drugs, DNA, lipids, or peptides, and with considerable utility in identifying post-translational modifications (PTMs), protein microarrays are driving proteomics research.

A major advantage of protein microarrays is that they are highly sensitive to targets at a wide range of concentrations.

These are typically straightforward and elegant assays, requiring little optimization or detection reagent investment, and they are also extremely robust, providing reproducible data under a variety of conditions and using a range of sample types. This facilitates very high-density arrays, yielding large quantities of data for minimal investment. Furthermore, a single protein microarray plate can provide the same depth and accuracy of data as hundreds of standard 96-well ELISA plates, saving huge quantities of time and plastic waste.

The applicability to customization makes protein microarrays well-suited to serve a wide variety of research interests. Further utilities include serological assays measuring immune responses against a large number of antigens in allergy screening. All these advantages boost the global protein chip market.


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Market segmentations are made on the basis of type, application.

Segment by Type

●             Reverse Phase Protein Microarray

●             Functional Protein Microarray

●             Analytical Microarray


Segment by Application

●             Antibody Characterization

●             Protein Functional Analysis

●             Proteomics

●             Diagnostics


Geographically the global protein chip market is dominated by the regions of

●             North America

●             Europe

●             China

●             Japan


Key Players of Global Protein Chip Market =>

  • Agilent Technologies
  • Affymetrix Inc.
  • Sigma Aldrich Corporation
  • Life Technologies Corporation
  • IIIumina Inc.
  • EMD Milipore

Producing an array with a long shelf life so that the proteins on the chip do not denature over a short time, identifying and isolating antibodies or other capture molecules against every protein in the human genome, quantifying the levels of bound protein while assuring sensitivity and avoiding background noise, extracting the detected protein from the chip in order to further analyze it,  reducing non-specific binding by the capture agents,  the capacity of the chip must be sufficient to allow as complete a representation of the proteome to be are the different challenges this market is facing currently and these challenges need overcome.

General consensus indicates a growing demand for protein microarrays, not only among the research community but in point of care and clinical research as well with two specific areas of increased activity being allergy screening and vaccine development. Also, allergy screening benefits obtained from huge economic savings in multiplexed isotype detection on modest-sized arrays, vaccine development takes advantage of extremely high-density arrays.

As awareness of protein microarray technology continues to grow, and specialist providers advance its capacity into complementary technologies such as MS, MALDI-TOF and lateral flow, this powerful technique looks set to become a leader in proteomic studies.


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