B2B Email Marketing Examples and Templates Published by Anyleads

“B2B email marketing campaigns can generate tons of revenue when properly executed. We have the perfect style guide with examples to get you started or to improve your existing B2B email marketing strategy,” – Mathieu Picard, CEO, Anyleads

B2B email marketing may be an intimidating undertaking, but a well-prepared B2B email marketing campaign can be one of the most valuable assets to lead generation and remarketing of valuable content with a B2B business. In order to shed some light on how to properly launch a B2B email marketing campaign, Anyleads recently published a B2B email marketing style guide filled with plenty of examples of KPIs, B2B email automation tools and best practices, as well as variables to consider when fine-tuning an existing B2B email marketing strategy.

B2B email marketing differs greatly from B2C email marketing. In order to better inform their blog readers and subscribers, Anyleads explains the differences between B2B email marketing and B2C email marketing. B2B email marketing requires intense and focused planning. While B2C email marketing appeals directly to a single customer, B2B email marketing targets a DMU, or decision making unit, typically comprised of a dozen or more members, each with their own perspectives and motivating factors. Anyleads explains the need to have very real expectations when starting B2B email marketing campaigns.

Despite the long road that lies ahead for a B2B email marketer, a strong B2B email marketing campaign is a vital part of B2B marketing. The Anyleads B2B email marketing guide goes to great lengths describing the planning phase of creating a B2B email marketing campaign. Though every B2B email marketing campaign should be tailored to the specific target, the guide identifies several key components to planning a campaign, including: setting measurable goals, knowing the target, segmenting and personalizing, preparing content valuable to the recipients, and analyzing and revising. These various components not only require identifying a target audience and measurable goals, but a successful B2B email marketing campaign thrives on content development.

Anyleads understands the importance of content in a good B2B email marketing campaign. The more valuable an audience finds the content a B2B business presents, the higher the volume of B2B email marketing campaign. Most target audiences for B2B email marketing campaigns are seeking efficiency or ways to improve their jobs. WIthin a B2B email marketing campaign, content can not only be offered as a call to action to explore the products and services offered by a B2B business, but also as a method of developing a relationship with the B2B community as an authority in a particular B2B market. Other types of content launched during a B2B email marketing campaign include:

Invitation to a webinar
Invitation to a live event
Summary of a transpired webinar or event
Case study
How-to guide
Market trends
White paper
Company or product news

With as many types of content options, steps to planning and important differences to note when launching a B2B email marketing campaign, Anyleads’ new guide helps their readers by identifying best and worst practices. They outline distinct B2B email marketing KPIs or key performance indicators. The guide also provides suggestions for B2B email automation.

To learn more, follow the link to find this and many other helpful guides https://anyleads.com/b2b-email-marketing.

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