SSD Hard Drives Have Gone Mainstream

SSD Hard Drives Have Gone Mainstream

While HDD, or hard disk drives, have been standard in computers for quite a long time, SSD is now becoming mainstream. More people and businesses are switching to it now because of the many advantages. Business owners today will find they can easily and inexpensively make the switch for all of their computers and even save a little bit by selling their old hard drives.

Benefits of SSD Hard Drive

SSD is still a little more expensive than the same size HDD, but there are so many benefits that most people and businesses find it worthwhile to make the switch. SSD is almost 100 times faster, so programs run faster. It uses flash memory so it’s more reliable than HDD and it uses less power over time. It also doesn’t make any noise, which an HDD does. Today, SSD drives come in all standard sizes so they work well in any computer and can hold a terabyte or more of data.

The Cost of Switching to SSD

Despite the benefits, many will be worried about the cost of switching to SSD. The good news is, it’s not necessary to purchase a new computer that already has an SSD in it. This can help businesses save quite a bit of money if they’re switching a number of computers to SSD. Though the cost of SSD will be a little more expensive than replacing the HDD, it is possible for them to do it on their own to save money and they can sell the HDDs after the switch. They can go through a website like to make sure this is done properly.

Switching to an SSD with Windows

Switching to an SSD is relatively easy. The business owner needs to have an SSD ready for the computer as well as a migration tool, a way to connect the SSD to the computer, and a backup of their computer. Then, they use the migration tool to clone their copy of Windows and move it to the new computer. When they’re done, they can check to make sure everything transferred to the new drive without issue, then sell the old HDD to a company like Exit Technologies that will recycle it.

What to Do With HDD After Switching

Once the computer is switched to the new SSD, the business owner can get rid of the old HDDs. They do not want to store them in the office just in case someone gets ahold of them. It’s difficult to completely erase the information on an HDD; someone who steals one might be able to recover data from it. Instead, they can go through a website like to talk to someone about getting rid of the HDD properly. The HDD will be completely erased and then broken down into parts and recycled.

If you’d like to have your computers running faster to boost productivity for your business, consider switching to SSD. Now that SSD hard drives have gone mainstream, the cost is lower than ever. The benefits can be amazing and can help your business do more.

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