Catastrophic Injuries a Real Risk in High School Football

Catastrophic Injuries a Real Risk in High School Football

While football tends to be a huge deal during high school, it can be dangerous as well. Many people today have fond memories of watching the home team play, cheering for the team, or even playing on the team. Though the sport is intended to be fun, it can lead to catastrophic injuries for the players, which could mean they are serious and potentially permanently injured because of the sport they enjoy. 

Sprains and Dislocations

Sprains and dislocations are common for football players just like players who enjoy other sports. These are more apt to happen when the players don’t train properly, train too much, or fail to stretch properly before playing. It is crucial for all players to make sure they are ready before each practice and each game and to take care of themselves, so they reduce the chance of an injury.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Most sprains are not going to become permanent injuries on their own. However, those who are injured more than once in the same way might end up with repetitive stressinjuries that could become permanent. When the same injury occurs more than once, it puts a lot more strain on the body part that was injured and could lead to permanent damage that could have an impact on the player’s future and their ability to continue enjoying the sport. If they are permanently injured because of a sprain or dislocation from playing football, they can visit a website like to get help. 

Spinal Injuries

Another common injury for football players is a spinal injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, this can range from serious pain that keeps them from playing in the future to permanently losing the ability to walk. Any spinal injuries need to be treated with extreme care as soon as they occur, so the player has a better chance of recovering from it. Then, they can contact a lawyer like one from Guy Levy Law to see if they can get compensation for their injuries. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Because of the full contact of high school football, traumatic brain injuries can occur. Those who do suffer a brain injury may be permanently injured as a result, especially if they end up with several concussions during the time, they play football. It is important for them to get medical attention quickly after any hit to the head to make sure there is no permanent damage. From there, they can visit to see if they have a case. 

High school football can be a ton of fun to play and very entertaining to watch, but it can also be dangerous. If you have been injured while playing football, make sure you get medical attention quickly. Then, speak with a lawyer about your situation to see if you could be entitled to compensation. 

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