The Creed Griffon Series by C. L. Lewis is an Instant Fantasy-Adventure Classic

Fans of fantasy adventure are in for a treat with the Creed Griffon Series. Written by C. L. Lewis, it details the adventure of Creed Griffon as he encounters magical creatures, interesting characters, and surprising truths about himself and his family.

No matter the age, people are always drawn to works of fantasy and adventure. To many, it’s a way to dissociate from their daily lives and live off their wildest dreams. Works such as the Creed Griffon Series by C. L. Lewis offers the same benefits. It’s a story of a boy’s adventure in discovering new worlds and the wonders of magic. It also narrates the life that so many people go through. It’s about struggles and overcoming them. And more importantly, it’s about finding one’s place in this world and how best to use their gifts and talents in helping others. Many readers have remarked on the excellence at which the series is written. It is filled with vivid descriptions of beautiful worlds and interesting characters. And through the eyes of Creed Griffon, the main protagonist, readers are introduced to the wonderful and exciting world that he explores.

The first book of the Creed Griffon Series is titled ‘The Road to Dendura.’ It is in this book that readers are introduced to the character of Creed Griffon, a known troublemaker amongst his classmates and teachers. A fellow student’s disappearance completely upends Creed’s life forcing him to embark on an adventure where he encounters wondrous creatures, beautiful sceneries, and malevolent characters. He befriends unlikely creatures that aid him in his journey where magic and mystery are in every corner. In his quest for answers, Creed is haunted by the memory of his father he never knew and of a mysterious tattoo he has no recollection of getting.

The second installment of the Creed Griffon Series is titled ‘Iconic.’ Creed and his friend Burton find themselves in the port of Tanis. Together with other characters, he met in the previous book, Creed and his friends try to understand the weird world of Craft that they find themselves in. Throughout the story, they fight evil Time Benders, dangerous creatures, and even encounter and a malicious entity called Denegaul. With emotions running high, Creed unleashes his hidden power which results in his true identity to unfold.

This series is truly a page-turner with new information and mystery being revealed from one chapter to the next. C. L. Lewis has crafted an instant classic with the Creed Griffon Series.

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